Tuesday, April 6, 2010

WI Report..........

I'm down 4/10 of a pound this morning, which I don't in any way deserve, but am thankful for anyway.  I had three great days this week and four not so great days.  Three days of training and tracking and four days of not.  When I start my day with a jog, that sets me up to succeed the rest of the day.  When I start my day without any form of exercise, that sets me up to fail. 

It sunny, warm and beautiful here.  The birds are signing, the apple trees have burst forth with their lovely blooms and the breeze smells fresh and clean.  I love living in an area where we have 4 distinct seasons.  I get to see my little neck of the woods in every type of weather and I love it.

The Yougun collected some items for her nature journal and is recording them right now.  Life is grand and I'm thankful to be alive to live it!

God Bless!  Till next time.........I'm unTHICKINandsoTHINNIN!

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  1. That is how I am -- if I stay in my routine - it will be a good day... if not well--- Right now I'm really struggling with the munchies at night even tho I know the rules and I keep busy....


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