Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Great Weekend, and Introducing I.E. the Circus Goat............

The weather here in Southern Illinois has been just amazing!  Warm, sunny, breezy and just amazing.  Over the weekend we got lots of good stuff done.  The Man got some winter deadfalls cleared out of the creek while I took down some fence.  Then I spent my afternoon constructing some new playground equipment

while The Man did this....

Today after getting our schooling done and eating a yummy lunch, The Youngun went outside to work with her wether I.E.  Icing Ears or I.E. as we call him, is one of Tulip's triplet bucklings from last year.  His brother Sam lives with my friend Rhonda of Faith Farm as one of her herd sires.  You can see a picture of him here.  The other buckling we lost due to a stone. 

We are trying to decide if I.E. is headed for the freezer or to be The Youngun's pack goat.  The only reason we are even considering him for the freezer is cuz he's got horns.  He is one of the first kids I disbudded and his horn buds were too big when I tried doing it.  All that happened is that he has no tips to his horns.  Anywho, The Youngun is working with him and he's a natural!

He had a collar on as of last night, but it's disappeared......

He likes walking the ramp!

And he's a wonderful jumping goat!

He even enjoys walking the plank! 

Working with goats is such fun!  I couldn't imagine living without them.  They are such wonderful, sweet, funny companions and we enjoy them so very much!  Everybody needs a couple goats!

Till next time..............God Bless!


  1. Goats are second to my kids!Lol Well okay I could live with out them if I had to But I dont have to! haha They are an ideal farm animal!... Or house pet... Or milk machine..

  2. Ilove those goats! Tuesday Treasure -- old -- new whatever you like (something you treasure or a moment you treasure) It is wide open!

  3. I.E. looks like a quick learner. I loved my goats when I had them.

  4. I agree! Everybody needs at least a couple of goats! Youngun is a pretty good goat trainer. I'll bet they enjoy the new playground equipment!

  5. Cute! They sure look like they are both having fun! You could band the horns to remove them. It is a bit of a long process, and the goat does get sore at the end, but banding should remove the horn fully if done correctly. You can google "dehorn goat band"(??). I don't have a link, but we did band a goats horns that we purchased and it worked well.


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