Thursday, April 1, 2010

Goats on Parade............Maggie Faith and Isis.........

Goodwife Farm's Isis is Star's doeling from 2010 and she is a keeper! 

I really like this little doe.  She pretty, feminine, and is a total sweetheart.  She is of course very young yet, but I'm excited to see how she matures.   As you can see from this picture, Isis loves her brother Osiris, and it's hard to get a picture of one without the other!


Goodwife Farm's Maggie Faith is one of Tulip's triplets from 2010 and she is a little doll as well.

She has great potential to be a fabulous milker.  Her momma Tulip and her big sister Star are and Maggie Faith's daddy has some impressive milking does behind him as well.   She is also very feminine and loving.  When I go outside to the barnyard, she comes running for me and if I sit down, she is the first goat in my lap!  Like Isis, only time will tell how this darling little doe will mature but we will enjoy her as she grows!   

Keeping replacement does is a long process as we won't know if they are totally  keepers until they freshen the first time, over 2 years from now! That said, we will shower them with love and handle their teats every time we see them. We will get them used to hopping up on the stand and being touched all over.  This will help them when their milking time comes.  It's no guarantee that they will be easy milkers, but it can help! 


  1. These sure are pretty girls!

  2. I know nothing about goats, but just love your photos, especially the last one!

    Have a blessed day,

  3. Wow! You're like my hero! I want to quit my job and homestead so bad. I love the Proverbs 31 woman and want to go buy that field. Things are moving so slow for us. Prayers are welcome.
    We're hoping to add a couple of goats to our family this year and we like what we're finding out about Kinders.

  4. I missed a bunch of your post and playing catch up...
    Love the last pic!!
    Pretty Goaties!!


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