Saturday, April 10, 2010

Random Thoughts............

Why do certain people upon seeing your child after an absence of several months always ask......What size shoe is she in now?  or.........What size clothes does she wear now?  Is this their way of saying, My how you've grown!  and if it is, then why in the name of corn on the cob can't they just say My how you've grown!  Being an 11 year old girl is hard enough without people making comments on how big your feet are or how big you are!

Why do acorns have little hats on top?  I mean, I like the hats.....they look good!  I'm just wondering how come an acorn rates a jaunty little beret when the other nuts don't.

Why do chocolate and peanut butter taste so darned lip suckin' good together?

Why is broccoli so easy to grow and cauliflower so hard?

Why are green peppers so cheap and colored peppers so expensive? 

Why do some people refuse to believe in God?  How can they look around at the world we live in and think it all "just happened"?

Why do some people have children and then refuse to take care of them? 

Why do some folks get married when it's obvious they can't stand each other? 

Why are some words "bad" and some words not?  Other than the ones that invoke the Lord's name in vain, I seriously don't understand.  It is the way they are used (in anger or rage) that makes them bad, not the word itself. 

On that same topic, why is ok to say Oh shoot, I forgot my purse but it's not ok to say Oh Sh!t I forgot my purse.  The meaning is exactly the same..........

Why are cigarettes and beer legal and marijuana isn't?

Why do some people think if it's legal it must be moral??  And just because something is illegal doesn't mean it's immoral.  God's laws are the ones we should be concerned with, wether man says it's ok or not!

And finally.............why does the Goodwife feel that this justifies a blog post?  LOL..........we'll never ever know!

Til next time........God Bless!


  1. Hmmmmmm It ticks me off when people are so insensitive to pre-teen and early teen kids. They are so self conscious lets just make it worse!!!
    For some of the other questions I have often wondered some of the same things!....

  2. Good questions .. It sounds like you've been thinking of many things this morning! There is good depth to many of your questions... No answers to most of them though. Some things are just as they are and some people are probably always going to be thoughtless of how they make other people feel. I too have wondered about a lot of these things...

  3. YOu go girl!! Love those questions..very good ones. :)

  4. You and I think alike GW! LOL!

    Have you ever wondered who it was that decided to try milk from an animal and why a cow, or goat? Why not a horse, pigs, etc.....

    How did the indians know which flowers and weeds(herbs) worked for what illness, I wonder how many indians died from poisious plants?

    How was it discovered that if you mix water and wood ashes, you get lye and if mixed with fats at the right temp, you get soap?

    My brain is drained, but I typically have many, many more like this, LOL! Mike just rolls his eyes when I start with these sort of questions.

    I'm sorry I do have answers fopr some of your questions but they certainly are NOT politically correct*sigh*, so will keep them to myself. You ask profound questions and the answers are just a deeply profound, I'm sure.

  5. Don't worry Kelle, you won't offend me, I'm not politically correct either! I could go ON and ON! My husband and I have many conversations on topics like these and many many more. I love to think about that type of stuff!

  6. Thank you for making me smile today. :) You make some wonderfula nd intersting points...and they're things my husband and I discuss too. :) (My kids ask why some words are "bad"..and I say, "because someone decided they were...Words have the power people give them." And the moral/legal...interesting point we talk about with our kids...moral and legal aren't always the same thing.

    Great post!

  7. You are tagged...if you wish to play along post your 10th picture ever downloaded and blog about - see my post today... If you don't want to play it is OK!

  8. since you had random thoughts, i have a random question. What exactly does it mean to dis-bud a goat? Does it mean you take its horns out? Also, why do you do that? Is it like de-clawing a cat so you dont have to worry about your goats trying to ram you down when they get bigger? Great blogs lately, I loved the soap making, can wait to see how it turns out!

  9. Hi Lars! I love random questions! Disbudding a goat does in fact mean removing it's horns. We use a really hot iron to burn the horn buds and prevent the horns from growing. It is for the safety of the milkmaid as well as the goat itself and the other goats. I totally stink at disbudding and I HATE doing it. It actually makes me sick to my stomach, but it really is necessary. Horned goats are a danger to other goats and can get themselves hung up and can hurt themselves.

    I'll be doing a soap update this week! Thanks for commenting!

  10. Well Sistah-girl,you know my thoughts on this already I'm sure...and boy you can sure tell you have goats from the way you spelled "wether" HAHAHAHA!!!

  11. LOL FarmLady! I didn't even notice that!!!

  12. i think i responded to your answer, but my computer did something weird so I don't think it sent...disbudding makes since, especially bc if their horns are used for protection or fighting they wouldn't need that in the environment they're in. It's not like they have to compete for food or mates at your farm! Sounds like it's just as much for their own safety as it is yours.

  13. I just found your blog, and am in awe of all that you do there at your farm.

    What a great bunch of questions!!


  14. Thanks so much FlowerLady for stopping by and for leaving a comment! ;)


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