Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Fruit Trees.........

Last year I ordered four fruit trees and three blueberry bushes from Stark BrosThis company is located very close to me, actually a few miles down the road from my sister, but I ordered my trees instead of picking them up anyway. 

I planted my trees last spring and watched them leaf out and grow well over the summer.  I anxiously watched them over the winter and waited with anticipation to see if they had made it through the winter.

I'm happy to report that the three blueberry bushes, while small and scrawny, are leafing out, and the apple and peach trees are not only leafing out but they are all blooming!  I can't imagine that they will put fruit on, but you never do know.

Apple tree blooms

Peach tree blooms

On Saturday my mom brought me some starts of her rhubarb and I got that planted in the garden.  I hope it does well so I can harvest some next spring. 

Till next time..........God Bless!


  1. They all look like they are doing great.
    I'd love to have the extra land to be able to plant more than what we do but for now my little garden will have to do.

  2. Oh so exciting. I planted a lot last summer. No blooms yet.

  3. What I'd give for a few fruit trees! We're a little to high of elevation in the mountains (our house, not our valley), but we do have a couple of apple trees. I'd love to have some cherry, apricot, peach, and a grape vine or two!


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