Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rainy Day - Poison Oak Blues.....

Yesterday The Youngun had the rainy day, covered in poison oak, Mama I'm feelin' lonely blues.  I was doing dishes when she came to tell me she felt lonely and could I give her a hug.  I said of course I can!  Then I asked her to help me finish up the dishes and we'd do something fun together.  After giving her a few options of things we could do she decided she'd like to make a cloth doll like Charlotte from the book Little House in the Big Woods.  We made this doll by the seat of our pants and our creative little brains and had so much fun!  It filled up the hole in her heart and took up about 3 hours of the afternoon which was wonderful! 

Dolly cut out and laid out
The Youngun starting her love affair with Steve.....she had such fun sewing with him!
Mama's hands sewing Melanie's face on...
The Youngun stuffing her legs....
Mama sewing eyes on....
The Youngun sewing Melanie's head together after Mama sewed her face and eyes on....notice the grin?
Sewing the top of Melanie's head shut....notice the poison oak on her face?
Cutting yarn for hair.........
Finished Melanie...........then The Youngun decided instead of a dress that Melanie needed to be a mermaid....
So after LOTS of trial and error on the tail, we finally got her done! 

Till next time............God Bless!


  1. THAT is awesome! What a great way to spend an afternoon! So creative!

  2. Love the doll, Love the niece, Hate the poison ivy. Youngin' - I'm very proud of you and your mamma too. Great job schoolin' your girl to start a project and finish it. Homemaking is a lost art, one that everyone would benefit learning. Love you both very much! - Auntie!

  3. I wanna come over and let you teach me how to sew! LOL

    I'm VERY allergic to poison ivy/oak. We went camping and it was everywhere. If you have time check out my recent 'beauty and beast' post. There's a pic of the evil stuff. Not sure but I think it's IVY not OAK.

  4. LOVE IT! These kind of moments are memories shared for generations! Funny how when our children share stories of our family it is most often the simple moments that remain engraved on their hearts, not the BIG moments all parents think are needed.

    Some of our best family time was when we were really struggling with finances due to a lot of medical issues with our Dd. We all drew closer to one another as well as God and we learned how to be creative without spending a dime.

    Thanks for sharing that and I pray the poison oak gets better, I've heard homemade lye soap works best.

  5. Great job! You oughta be very proud of yourself..young'un!

  6. Great Doll and fun!! Even though my girls have each other they still have lonely times or times one of them need my undivided attention. Its always good for me and the girls to spend some 1 on 1 time..

  7. Poor girl. I hope the poison oak goes away quickly.
    Youngin~ you did an awesome job on that doll. I love her golden hair and mermaid tail.

  8. I wish I knew how to sew! Nice looking doll! I am so lucky not to be highly allergic to poison oak at all, I practically have to roll around in the stuff to get it. I feel for those people that are strongly affected by it!

  9. Way to go girls..and Steve. The mermaid is gorgeous! Poor kidlet, is the PI soap helping? Lather up, let it sit and rinse- As often as needed to help relieve itchies :D


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