Friday, April 23, 2010

My Faithful Blunnies............

Alright folks, it's that time again, time for the Goodwife to bare her soul and confesss some her most shameful secrets.........................

I have big feet........Peggy Hill big feet, French peasant big feet (and I'm proud to say that's where I come from, good sturdy French peasant farmers, and actually my maiden name means "farmer" in French!).  They aren't really so much long as wiiiiiide.  They are good feet that never hurt me as long as I treat 'em right so I like to take care of them.  Finding shoes can be a problem..............and I don't think I've ever owned a pair of women's shoes that fit right.  I do have three pair of dress up shoes that I've only worn once each because they kill my French peasant feet!  I have a pair of tennies that I use when I run and they are a 4 E, yes folks that's what I said E E E E.  I have wider feet than my dad!

Anywho, I love to wear boots and feel totally naked without them.  Even with a dress on, if it's long enough to cover them, I want my boots on.  Enter my Blunnies......

Workin' Blunnies
   Several years ago when we made the move to the town we currently live in, we moved from 22 acres in the middle of the boondocks, to a house on a half acre lot in a town about 48 miles south.  The Man was driving 1 hour and 10 minutes one way to work and we were spending a fortune in gas-o-haul, and we needed to get settled before The Youngun started kindergarten (pre-homeschooling days ya know).That lovely house was all we found that we liked, so we bought it.  I had chickens, rex rabbits, a few goats, some beefies, and of course my beloved horse Champ.  I sold everything except the horse.  No way could I part with him!  I found a boarding barn about 15 minutes from my house that would let me keep him there in exchange for work.  Well that whole ordeal is fodder for another post, but to tell the story without going the long way around the trailer park, I met a trainer there named Sarah who had on these lovely boots.  She told me they were made by an Australian company called Blundstone and her brother lived over there and brought these back for her.  She let me try them on (and bless her, not only do we share a name but we BOTH have huge feet!) and they fit and were sooo comfortable.  I came home and ordered me a pair on the spot.  They were expensive but so well worth the money.  I worked in those boots cleaning 42 stalls a day 5 days a week for almost a year, and then God provided us with this place.  We put our other house up for sale and bought this place and have been here since.  I've been wearin' these Blunnies for over 5 years, but sadly it's time to give them a right proper burial.  About three years after buying my first pair of Blunnies I ordered me another pair to be my goin' to town boots, and my original ones became my workin' boots.

Town Blunnies....
Now however, I'll have to make my "town" boots my work boots and order me another pair.  I will never wear another kind of boot again.  These are like an old friend and my feet shout thank you ever' evening when I take them off.  They are great for riding in, working in, gardening in, hauling scrap, anything you can think of, they are wonderful for!  And if The Man decides to take me out on the town... a shower, some clean jeans and a nice top, and my "town" Blunnies on my feet and I'm ready to go!

Blunnie next to some newborn Kinder the boot that big?  Or are the kids that small?  I guess only another Kinder breeder will know for sure.....

Blunnies on my feet after chores this mornin'

And for the inquiring minds that just hafta Blunnies are an Australian size 7 mens, which is a USA size 8 mens.  My running shoes are New Balance size 8 mens 4 E.  See I wouldn't leave ya hangin' ;)

Till next time.... God Bless!


  1. I saw a comment you left on another blog and decided to stop by for a visit.

    Loved your blog!

    I have big feet too, sz 10 but not extra wide. Ah well. Helps us stand firm for what we believe! LOL

  2. Hi Parsley! Thanks for stopping by! And I like what you say about our feet!

  3. Yes, I have known for quite a while that I'm more like a Libertarian or a strict Constitutionalist.

  4. i've always wanted to get a pair of wellies! i'd feel so pastoral stomping around in a good pair of work boots! but those blunnies are a lot more stylish than wellies...

  5. Oh to have shoes that made my feet say "thank you" at the end of the day...I have yet to find them. Barefoot seems to be the thing for me..obviously it doesn't work well outside though.

  6. I just have to say I love your blogs. Now as for big feet, Hun I got you beat all the way around. Men's 10 for everything except my boots, they have to be an 11 because I can't afford to buy the ones that are wide enough, my grandmother tells me that it gives me a good firm grounding to the earth. I say it just makes it easier to trip over the things :)

  7. Ladies we shall have to start up the Country Gals with Big Feet Club! ;) Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one!

  8. I have seen bigger feet.. And on women too! My girls and I are all 8's,9's & 10's. I fell in love with Fatbaby cowboy boots a couple of years ago and LOVE THEM!! I wear them as often as possible.. I have a broken in pair and a good pair. Then muck boots for around the barn and stuff.. The boots hide my lack of ankles..Lol

  9. My goodness, sometimes I think we were separated at birth! (if it weren't for a few years in between . . .) I too worked at a 42-horse stable and I've had my own pair of "blunnies" (actually Wolverine's) for 10 (!!!) years now. I've finally nearly wore a hole in the sole but they've got the same insides as a tennis shoe and are super comfortable. I've never found another pair like them :{ No, my everyday boots are rubber boots because they're easy to hose the poop off of and I just have to tell my feet to suck it up.
    I also come from French stock - tho no one's sure if it's peasant or noble blood. Only my maiden name means "a grungy, scrungy person" (yep, says scrungy) so I'm guessing peasant, but either way we've been here since the 1600's!

  10. I was always so jealous of the women in my family. My mother had a "hard time" finding shoes small enough-size 5 in womens. I thought I had big feet because I wore a 7. It's and 8 now after having children. It just goes to show you that it is all in your perspective.


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