Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Milling Soap....................

When last we left the Goodwife (ok, ok, so it wasn't actually the LAST blog post, but it sounds so much more intriguing this way don't you think?) her basic soap had "soaped" and we were waiting to see what would happen next.....
Here she is grating the basic soap into a pan..............notice the gloves.  The basic soap is still caustic at this time.  Better safe than sorry!
Now we've got a pan of grated soap and a lovely glass of goat's milk!  As much as I'd like to drink that entire glass of milk it would cost me close to 6 WW points and I just can't afford that, so in the pan it goes!
We turn the burner on as low as it will go and pretty much just forget about it.  If you stir too much or too roughly you'll have lots of itty bitty bubbles in your soap and we don't really want that
Starting to melt nicely!
K.........this is melted very nicely and ready to add in whatever I choose.  This batch I added ground oatmeal. 
Dumped the oatmeal in.......
Stirred the oatmeal you can add your scent.  I used warm sugar cookie. this point your mixture is going to look and smell good enough to don't want to eat it......but feel free to make yourself a nice bowl of steel cut oatmeal when you are done!
Now we are ready to pour our soap into our molds.  You can use fancy molds as I'm doing here, or just pour it into a plain old mold.  Plastic shoe box type thingy's work great! 

Now we are going to pop these babies in the freezer for a few hours.  Once they are hard to the touch, we will get them out and pop the soap out.  Once again, life sometimes isn't like the movies but we shall see if this batch comes out without a fight!

You may be asking yourself..........where is The Youngun while the Goodwife is busily doing her soap?? 
Yup........she's in the Hillbilly Swimming Hole, and no it isn't really warm enough yet, but The Youngun just doesn't seem to care!


The finished bars.........

Close up of the finished bars.....please excuse my fabulously wonderful photography skills........but at least you get the gist right??

Till next time..........God Bless!


  1. Add soapmaking to the list of things I'd like to try. That looks amazing. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Oh they look so pretty and I bet they smell great!

  3. The soap looks great! Bet you could sell them.

    We used to swim in the horse troughs growing up too!


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