Thursday, April 8, 2010

Makin' Soap and Cannin' Beans........

Yesterday I was a busy Goodwife!  Got up, milked, went for a nice brisk walk with The Youngun, made buttermilk pancakes for her breakfast, did our schooling, then I made soap and canned kidney beans!  I love busy days! 

When making soap, the first and most important rule is SAFETY FIRST!

Yeah, I know that Cosmo could show up at my door any second, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!  I also have to tell you how annoyed I am that that cupboard door was open!  I had no idea until I saw these pictures......I considered recreating the whole scene and retaking all the pictures, but then I thought surely you would all understand even if it drives me batty!

This is my lye solution cooling in the sink while I melt my fats.  Notice I've got the pitcher marked Lye Only!  Don't want to make iced tea in my lye pitcher on accident!

This is my fat melting on the stove.  I also only use this pot for making soap and that wooden spoon only for soap. 

After the fats are melted, I put the fats and the lye in the cold water and try to equalize the temperature.

Once the temp is right, you s-l-o-w-l-y pour the lye into the fat, stirring all the while.

Stirring, stirring, and more stirring, that's the way you make soap!

Then you check for "trace" which means you can see trailings of the soap on top of the soap in the pot when you drizzle it from the spoon.

Here is my soap in my mold.  Next I will put the lid on and wrap the soap in a double layer of bath towels, and put it in a nice warm place to set for 2 days.

We shall leave our soap to "soap" for 48 hours.  Check back in two days for the next step!

I also canned up some kidney beans today.  I love beans!  I recently discovered that canned kidney beans have all sorts of stupid stuff added to them that I don't really want to eat, so I've decided to can my own.  It's super easy and they are yum-dilly-ish-ous!  Tomorrow I think I'm going to make pork and beans and see how they turn out.

Hope you are having a wonderful and blessed day!
Til next time................God Bless!


  1. Wow you were busy!! I have yet to attempt soapmaking.
    LOL about the cabinet door! That was to funny I wouldnt have even noticed it if you hadn't pointed it out!

  2. You make soap making look very easy. People have asked me if I make goat milk soap, but I've never attempted it. I figure making the cheese is enough for now. I'm anxious to see how your soap turns out.

  3. Hey ladies! Thanks for the comments. I really like making soap and most of all using it. The Paintiff still uses store soap but The Youngun and I only use our homemade soap. Brenda, I'd love to be able to make cheese! My first attempt was a miserable failure. There is a cheesemaking class in St. Louis I'd like to take, but I don't drive in St. Louis!

  4. What a busy day! Good for you! There is such a satisfaction in being busy and seeing the great results. What kind of fats do you use in your soap? We made goats milk soap for the first time last fall and just love it! I do not plan to go back to store bought either:) I used lard from our pigs but was interested in trying other oils. We added honey and oatmeal to one batch (great for exfoliating), cucumber to another (great for acne), and cinnamon to yet another batch (smells wonderful!), besides lots of plain soap. My hands have never been so soft! We tried making goats milk cheese this spring and loved it as well. My husband is a cheesemaker by profession so I did have a little help:)

  5. Hi! I use a bit of coconut oil and then lard. I also like to add lots of yummy stuff to my soaps. It's such fun! Thanks for commenting!

  6. What a "goodwife" you are...Lol
    You crack me up with the hazmat gear on..but your first! Dont you just love those busy productive days? the end of the day you look back at all you accomplished..its a great feeling ; )

  7. LOL tberry! I do look ready to clean up a chemical spill don't it? Got any nuclear waste that needs takin' care of?

  8. Humm .. How far are you from St Louis? I'm about two and a half hours south west of St Louis.

  9. Hi Brenda! I'm about 45 minutes north of St. Louis. I just don't know my way around St. Louis at all and am afraid to attempt getting there.

  10. You amaze me with all your stuff! If you're a goodwife, I'm a totally sucky wife! LOL! I do make a mean pecan pie!

    I was wearing some goggles like that today. They are so ROCKIN'!

  11. I agree with The Wife --- i'm not a good wife either!... I can bake and cook and follow the recipe and still have trouble with it turning out and I've never made a real pie and piecrust..... Bah..... Oh I guess I can clean but I don't like to...

  12. LOL! You ladies are silly! If you love your husband and your family and everybody is happy most of them time, then you are a "goodwife" ;)


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