Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Horse.........

My horse
by the Goodwife

Short and stubby,
Little and chubby,
Legs like jack hammers,
With a super straight shoulder.
When he's good, he's sort of ok,
When he's bad he's like....
Riding a sewing machine at high speed!
Swallowin' his head,
Is his favorite thing.
Better be ready,
Or you'll take a swing,
Off over his short little neck!
But with all his faults,
He's all heart
And he gives his all for me!


  1. Awwww..thanks for sharing some horse pics. Like your collage.

  2. I love horse posts ---- glad you did it and the collage is very cool!

  3. So Pretty... love your poem. I would love to have a horse one day...

  4. My favorite old horse in my whole life bucked every time I asked him to lope till he was way into his 20's. Only once and never hard. Crazy old fool. It always made me laugh cause I knew it was coming and it was easy to ride through. He was a cowboy horse and I think that he just thought he was supposed to try you every time you rode him. Awesome old horse. I hope he's waiting for me at the Gate. I'm sure he'll be there; now I just got work on getting me there, eh? Great poem and I love the collage of photos. Too fun.


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