Monday, October 18, 2010

The Building of Darling Auntie's Fence.......

It was a family affair which is always nice!
The Man and I got up around 6:30 and got Black Betty all loaded up with our fencin' supplies.  Black Betty by the way is soon going to be in the infirmary.  She's got tranny troubles, so very soon we'll be pulling it and getting it to the tranny doctor for rebuilding.

When we arrived at Auntie's house they were standin' in the yard with their coffee waitin' for us.

Pop Pop (my dad), The Man, and Uncle 4 are conflabbing on how best to get about the fencin'.

Pop Pop lookin' on as The Man digs out a posthole and Cousin Dee looks on.  Cousin Dee is the owner of the black pugs.

Uncle 4 is ready for his GQ photo spread, the post drivers of Illinois...

That's my Mama (aka Granny Bob) walking towards us and my cousin Big J looking at the camera.  His woman Little D is walking away.  We are running a string so we can make sure all the steel posts are in a nice line.

Little D and Q Baby.  Q Baby was a big help with his own personal Black and Decker tool set.

The Man and Little D putting the clips on that hold the fence to the steel posts.

The Man, Big J, and Q Baby.  Q Baby is makin' sure that his daddy and The Man are "doin' it right"!

And we are done! 

This is my dad holding Q Baby.  My dad is his Great-Uncle

Little Sassy is ready to be free!

Sassy exploring her new fence while The Man and Uncle Dino look on

Sassy says.......Thanks for the fence guys!  We love it!

God Bless....


  1. Looks Good and I'm sure the dogs will love it! Thats great is was a family affair, so nice for families to get together and do helpful things together :)

  2. Oh I bet Sassy was real happy with the new yard! That's a great family, working together to get the job done. Most excellent!


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