Friday, October 15, 2010

Darling Auntie.......

That beautiful lady in the center of the picture is my Darling Auntie.

  I actually have three darling aunties, but this is The Darling Auntie.  She has never had children of her own, so you can imagine how much she loves us and spoiled all of us growing up.  She is now on to loving and spoiling the next generation.  She is always giving and sometimes gives so much of herself that I worry there will be nothing left! 

She has 4 pugs of her own (the fawns) and more often than not she has her daughter in law's pugs as well (the black ones).  She recently moved into a different house and hasn't got a nice fenced in area for her 6  pugs.  The Man and I decided that since she is always doing for everybody else, we were going to fence her back yard in for her!  She didn't want to let us do this, but I asked her to not cheat us out of doing something nice for her.

So that is what the 4x4's from the "boat dock" are going to be used for.  We will use those to brace up the corner posts for her fence.  That is our weekend project for tomorrow.  The whole family is coming to help and it will be so exciting to do this for our Darling Auntie! 

Stay tuned for pictures of happy pugs running wild! 

God Bless..........


  1. Awww... That is so sweet and nice of you all! Very blessed family :)

  2. She and the dogs will be thrilled to have the back yard fenced. What a sweet thing for all of you to do for her.


  3. OMG.....the pugs! Love em'
    Maybe I'm parial cause I got one. ; )
    What a nice thing to do for your Aunt. I know that she will be greatly appreciative for it.

  4. What a wonderful way to put the items from your Deconstruction into a wonderful Construction! Have a blessed weekend with family.

  5. That's awesome! The pugs will love you forever for making them a yard. I think The Darling Auntie already loves you tons!


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