Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Ode to Stick Tights.........

Ode to a Stick Tight
By: the Goodwife

Little Hangers On.
Oh how I hate it,
That you like to tag along!
Round Sweet Annie's Head,
You're always there,
Always prickly,
Sometimes in my bed!

As the song,
about rain says,
I wish you'd go away,
But unlike the rain,
I'd sure be happy,
If you never came another day!


  1. This is so cute! But tell me, what exactly is a "stick-tight?" Some sort of bug, like lice or flees? I feel dumb for asking but, hey, I live in the city! Okay... I looked it up! Not a bug but what I think I call "a sticky thing that's attached itself to my sock!" And guess what, we have them in the city too! But now I know what to call them! So double thanks for this lovely poem!

  2. Hi Ann! Thanks so much for commenting! Yup that's what a stick-tight is, a sticky thing that attaches to your sock! I never imagined you'd have them in the city! I guess the wind just really carries them a long way.

  3. Isnt is some kind of weed? LOL... I hate them things... I had to pull some off our dog the other night after she had been down in the woods, it was funny cause they were stuck to her collar and she didnt like that, she kept trying to shake them off. Never knew thats what they are called, now I know, thanks :)

  4. Hey Jennifer!

    Yup it's a weed, sort of like a baby cockleburr! They are such a pain, and I hate picking them out of socks, cuffs, and the mane and tail of my horse.


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