Thursday, October 14, 2010

Destruction.........It Feels So Good!

On Sunday morning 10/10/10 we had this......please notice the left side of the picture......
By about 11 AM we had this........

Now I know you may not be able to see the difference, but feel free to click on the pics to make them bigger.  In the top picture you can see what we call the "boat dock" is built around the trees.  Cool yes....good for the trees....not so much!  Whoever built it years ago built it around those maple trees and they of course did what trees do and continued to grow.  The roots of the trees were pushing up the deck boards and the roof was cutting into the trunks of the trees.  We didn't want to lose our trees so we did some de-construction on the ole' boat dock.  We tore the roof off (and sold the aluminum roofing material for a tidy sum) and then sawed the floor in half to get it away from the trees.  We also sawed the 4x4 posts off at the deck level and are going to use them this weekend in a project that I'll blog about tomorrow. 

We left the main part of the "boat dock" because it is great for stacking our winter wood.  It keeps it off the ground and keeps the worst of the rain and snow off, thereby giving us nice dry firewood all winter long. 
It looks so much nicer out there and I'm glad we got it done.  God has truly been blessing us with gorgeous fall weather and we are making the best use of it we can! 

A couple weeks ago that whole area looked like this........

And now, it looks like this...............

Much better, no?  Now we are going to rent a lawn aerator and sow some grass seed as well as some seed wheat back here.  The seed wheat will grow now, helping the grass seed to get established in the spring.

God Bless.........


  1. Wow, you guys have been busy. The results look really nice too. We are doing outside work down here too now that the weather is cooling down. I love seeing other couples working together on projects.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Much nicer for the trees... beautiful trees by the way, lol. Its gonna look so pretty with new grass next year.

  3. Thanks Ladies! @ FlowerLady, yes it's our favorite thing to do, accomplishing things together ;)
    @Jennifer, I just hope the grass will actually grow! LOL

  4. Great new space and it looks so serene/ peaceful. We always enjoy accomplishing things together too. I can see all of you sitting around the fire( you'll be adding a fire ring, right*wink*) telling stories of old and eating( I was going to say smores', but popcorn is the healthier choice, minus the butter)*wink*
    Looks great!
    Blessings for your weekend,

  5. Thanks Kelle! And I do treat myself to one s'more each weekend!

  6. Love the view of the back pasture can see it. Hope your grass grows in there for ya'
    Looks real shady there, but I think with a lil reinforcement of some fertiler and may.
    Always love peakin in your back yard to see what ya'll are up too ; )
    Such hard workers


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