Sunday, October 31, 2010

Inquiring Minds Want to Know???

Some of my dear readers expressed interest that I can and do use a chainsaw on a regular basis.  Lest any of you should think I'm of a special extraction, I'm going to list some of my foibles here.

Okay, okay, so I know nobody really cares, but I'm gonna tell you anyway!
Some interesting *giggle, gasp, snort, wheeze* facts about the Goodwife.......
  • I can run a chainsaw all day long, but the subtle nuances of the weed eater continue to elude me.  Seriously, I've tried to conquer this evil machine and it never, ever goes well.
  • I can whip up culinary delights from scratch and with nary a recipe to guide me, but successfully preparing boxed macaroni and cheese remains out of my grasp.
  • I can pluck a chicken, gut a chicken, make said chicken's severed feet dance to "Hello My Baby" but the actual killing of said bird is not in my rep-wa-twa.
  • See number 3 in regards to bunny wabbits....
  • I'm afraid of latex balloons; the Mylar ones don't bother me at all.
  • I can climb the roof to clean gutters or check the chimney, but getting close to the clear glass barrier at the upper level of the mall is my undoing.  Mind you I think I've been to the mall twice in the last 10 years, but that is neither here nor there, you get the point.
  • Beautiful teenage girls intimidate the hell out of me.......
  • Lets just make that beautiful women in general.
  • I like earthworms a great deal, but other worms really, really gross me out, particularly big fat ones like tomato worms.
  • I can't stand it when people vomit on movies.  I cover my eyes or avert my face until that part is over! 
  • Finally, and perhaps most disturbinglt..........I find Tommy Chong oddly sexy......... 

Ok, so now you know some fascinating facts about the Goodwife (yes, I am taking some creative license in my use of the adjective fascinating); Please tell me some schtuff 'bout you!

God Bless........


  1. LOL! I can't to see vomit on movies either. I close my eyes and cover my ears until it's over. Let's see something about in drains make me gag even though it's all my hair. The husband has to clean it out. Pitiful, I know.

  2. Interesting....
    Well Lets see I dont run a chainsaw or a weedeater(tried it) never needed to since my sweet hubby is sort of possive about his.. I Do however run skill saws,drills and that sort of thing.
    I can follow the most complicated cake recipe and come out with an Awsome creation. I can make a cobbler or crisp with out a recipe.. Pie crust no matter how simple even if bought and frozen tend to be beyond me and turns out wrong some where!Lol
    I can kill a chicken if needed.. but Only if needed and I really have to psych my self up!lol
    I am intimidated by people who think anything I do is not worthwhile.. You know the homeschooling and farming bits especially. If some one is very adamant about how wrong somethings I do are I just dont say a word. I also rarely actually voice my opinion to people I dont know and I have a hard time organizing my thought to Say something quick... But give me a pen or a keyboard and I can let you know.. I think that is whay I have found so many friends in the Cyber world.Not that I dont have friends in the real world.. got plenty of those too..LOL
    Okay I am done now..
    Oh no.. Wait Maggots... Turn my stomach even if there is just one.. I cant hack it at all! Worms I am coming to terms with but Never Maggots....

  3. You are so fun! Who is Tommy Chong?
    Here are a few funnies about me;

    I'm not afraid of snakes, mice, bugs, worms, slugs, etc...( even really ugly ones) but the tiniest of spiders gives me the willies all day, LOL! If one were to be on my person I go nuts,I hate to admit it but I do, LOL!!!

    I can clean up poop all day( cow, horse, dog, cat, chicken, etc...) but if someone vomits I'm out of here!

    I do well with injuries on animals, my family, friends but if I injure myself( really bleeding and lots of pain) I will pass out*sigh* Same goes for butchering animals, I can chop heads, gut, skin, etc.... and it doesn't bother me but if I'm bleeding or my child I get very woosey and fast.

    People in general intimidate me and I know they shouldn't but I feel so "little" around a large group of people, I feel much more comfortable on a one to one basis or a very small group of 3-4.

    There some of my oddities shared. :o)

  4. Thanks for sharing ladies! God has created us all with faults and fabulous-ness and I'm thankful to know each one of you! ;)

  5. Goodwife - I love your edited picture -- ohhhhh..... Nope haven't used a chain saw but have used a weedwacker... Would rather use the push lawnmower than ride the rider; shot a gun for the first time when my son learned how - don't think I've shot one since! Don't mind poop nor vomit but sure hate the smell! Ha Ha!

  6. You guys are great ... I've enjoyed all the stories in this post.

    I don't mind the poop, the vomit, or most any other part of being a farm girl ... what I do mind is when people are hateful to each other and try to make themselves out to be something special by making other people feel bad or worthless. I guess that's the thing that bothers me the most.

  7. Cute Post...

    I love talkin to people on the computer, in person I'm very quite and shy, til I get to know ya. Then I have this sweat problem when I talk to people face to face and get nervous, I'm weird!

  8. I think we are all weird in our own special ways......that's why we are all so GREAT! ;)

  9. I can't stand toilet paper, it serves one purpose, to wipe your butt. When people blow their nose on it or lick it and clean a kids face off with it or do anything with it, it makes me gag! And when a friend of mine got married a few years ago they did wedding dresses out of tp and I had to wear a wedding dress out of tp (I was the Maid of Honor). It took everything not to gag. But at least they were brand new rolls!

  10. TMI!!! lol love the "doctored" photo!


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