Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh Where Oh Where Have My Little Dogs Gone........

Oh where oh where can they be??  That was the burning question Sunday evening when we were cleaning up from working on the barn.  As I mentioned, Ellie seldom ever leaves my side. 

These two.....

Not so much.

After getting our left-over wood stacked in the hay barn and gathering up all our tools, Ellie and I got in Black Betty to go up to the house and unload.  It crossed my mind that I hadn't seen Ginger for a little while, but I didn't think anymore of it.  We got in the house and were getting ready to get in the shower when The Man said

"Where's Ginger and Annie?"

Dun dun duuuhhnn!  Where indeed?  We took Ellie and went for a walk down in the back, calling and looking for them to no avail.  We got in Black Betty and made "the circle" around the county roads circling our property, to no avail.  By this time it's dark and I'm worried about my girls being out in the dark with no supper.  All 4 of our dogs are house dogs mind you and I was concerned about them spending the night without the comfort of the couch!  I was also starting to panic because The Youngun wasn't home and how the holy crap was I gonna tell her her dog was gone!!

We came in, got our shower, and I started supper.  I turned the front porch light on and left the door open so if they came home that way I'd see them at the door.  We knew they'd gone the other way though, probably got down in our creek after something and just were following it.  Annie is half coon-dog so once she gets a snoot full of scent she won't come back until she's good and ready.  The Man went out to look in the pasture to see if they were at the gate waiting to be let into the yard.........nothing.  I was planning to call the local shelters Monday morning and get some flyers made up.

We ate supper and when we said grace, I asked God to keep our dogs safe.  I asked if it were His will to please bring them home, and if not for some nice person to take them in.  Right before bed I went out the back door and heard Ginger bark!  Whoo hoo!  Ellie and I walked to the pasture gate and Ginger was snuffling and whining to get through.  Annie was sitting in the barn door at that gate waiting to be let into the yard.

Needless to say they were happy to be home, Ellie was happy to see her sisters, and I was thanking God!  From now on Ginger and Annie can't go into the pasture..........if they can't be trusted to stay close, then they'll just have to lose that privilege! 

She looks the picture of innocence doesn't she? 

God Bless.......


  1. God is faithful. I'm sure you slept better knowing they were home.

  2. Glad they made it home safely....; )

  3. Those stinkers! Glad they made it back. I'm sure they enjoy the cozy house compared to the outdoors!

  4. Oooo so glad they came back home safe and sound! Our Daisy likes to sneak off too any chance shes gets! Hank stays right by your side.

  5. I'm visiting via Farm Girl Cyn...I think that's right...and was so glad to see the dogs made it safely home. Better they lose their privilege to go with you than they lose their lives. Around here it's SSS - shoot, shovel and shut up unless someone thinks to call me to rescue the stray.


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