Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And On to Sunday...........

So Saturday we built Darling Auntie's fence.  When we got home, we unloaded all our tools and such and headed to Lowe's to buy some lumber to finish trimming out my barn.  Unfortunately our little local lumber yard went bankrupt a couple years ago, so now we have to travel to the big town to get lumber and such.  We got back home with our lumber Saturday evening so we'd be all set for Sunday morning.

This is my barn before we got started.  It is sided with T 1-11 siding and where the sun hits it and it gets wet it has been curling.  I want it to last so we are trimming it out to protect the edges of the siding.

You may be wondering why no windows?  I don't stall my animals unless we have an ice storm or something.  Since they aren't locked in the barn I don't worry about it being dark in there.  Windows can be dangerous in areas where livestock can get to them.  On days when I do lock them in, I just leave the lights on.

We have the corners, top and bottom on.  Now The Man is putting up the batten strips.  This went pretty fast as we were both working on it.  I really love construction and building stuff.  The Man.....not so much, but he does it for me! ;)

The end of the barn is almost done.  We were going to use metal flashing up at the roof, but have decided to use 1x6 instead, so we have to buy (4) 14' boards for that and we will finish that and the roof line of the lean-to next weekend.

The front of the barn is done as well.  After we get the barn stained (red of course) Darlin' Deb and I will make my other flag and it will hang on that sliding door.  When we built the barn, The Man designed a really cool way to remove the bottom boards from the sliding door.  That way I can drive the lawn mower and wagon in through that door if I need to.   
Ellie is my girl and seldom leaves my side when I'm working outdoors.  That is going to factor into tomorrow's blog post...........
God blessed us with another weekend of gorgeous weather.  We are so thankful to be getting so much done around here!

God Bless........


  1. Nice Barn... I want a barn but I'll have to make due with my little chicken coops, lol. A flags gonna look so good on the barn. Like how your honey doesnt like construction but will do it for you... my honeys like that on alot of things too, They ♥ us :)

  2. Hey Jennifer! Thanks for commenting and you are so right, it is nice to have men that love us that much!

  3. Nice barn...Cant wait to see it painted. Are you gonna do the trim in white or will it all be red...either way it'll look great. With hubby workin outta town the last month and a half...we only see him on the weekends now...so Not too many projects going on here lately. I do need to paint the other henhouse though, hmmm...going to town today and I may buy some paint. Thats something I can do myself...As always love seeing your projects going on...you guys make a great team!
    Oh could you email me your address I must have threw away the envelope with your return address on it...thanks

  4. Your barn looks great and I can hardly wait to see it painted red.

    I love helping DH with construction work. We've done quite a bit of it too in our 41 years together.


  5. Thanks ladies! I was just talking to Darlin' Deb on the phone about painting it and if I'm going to do white trim. I'm thinking I'll do that corner boards, the fascia board, and the roofline boards white, then the rest will be red. I'm really hoping to get it painted before winter hits!

  6. You guys have been rootin' tootin' busy.... love the pugs! And your little barn is going to be adorable --- hopefully Black Betty can make it thru the rest of the fall...she is so handy!

  7. Love your barn! We hope to put new siding, doors and windows( not glass just wooden windows that you can open for fresh air and light)on our old barn, it has a new roof, as does the garage now and now both are in need of new siding*wink*

    I'm blessed to have Mike and I know you are blessed to have your Dh. God is Good!

  8. Look at you handy girl with your tool belt! Y'all did a great job. Husband is like Paintiff when it comes to working with wood. He hates it. Would rather weld something. But he does it for me when I ask him too. We got good guys like that.

  9. Im the same way, windows are just plain dangerous. And all horses need good ventilation in all circumstances!

    Did you write the word "mine" on your toolbelt with a black sharpy marker? and drew a little flower?

    not that I dont share or anything, but those men do borrow on occasion...lol


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