Thursday, October 7, 2010

Remember My Ode to Stick Tights?

This is why I hate them......

That is Champ's forelock........

Can you believe the flies?? They are terrible right now, as bad as they ever were in July! I'm ready for some cold weather to kill them off!

For those who didn't know, these are stick-tights, or beggar lice.

At least it makes for some quality bonding time!  Grooming Champ really relaxes me and him as well.  I love brushing his tail.  He has a short thin tail, which even though it may not be as beautiful as a full, thick, ground brushing tail, it is LOTS easier to take care of!

And now I've got my handsome boy least for a few hours!


  1. I hate those prickly things to.... and the flies are finally not so bad - it is getting cold here but I do need to remove my fly sticky tapes (by the house door) it atleast catches some of them.

    Thank you for the donkey info -- you are so smart!

  2. He looks handsome now. I bet it is nice and relaxing to groom him.


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