Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Weekend Report........

The P clan worked hard this weekend......

A swawing, splitting, and stacking we did go.....

We all worked hard...........

Of course some of us harder than others............

Hope your weekend was a good one as well!

God Bless.........


  1. I love doing weekend chores where I can be outside if it is in fall, spring or summer. I do not like them when it is cold in winter! I always feel good when I get lots done on weekeneds and enjoy being outside too! Love the dog photo!

  2. Ha, there's always one laying down on the job!

  3. Look at you with that chainsaw girl! Splittin wood the old fashion way is HARD work. Oh and ya know if ya'll ever run outta things to do on the weekends you can come down south anytime and get us motivated on our projects here...Lol
    Such hard and motivated workers ya'll are ; )

  4. Uh... It looks like you are all working hard - chainsawing and all --

  5. Wooweeee... you go girl with your big bad chainsaw, lol. Love It!

  6. Just wait until I show Mike that you get to use the chainsaw! He always tells Cortney and I that cutting is the hard part of the job, but we just don't buy it, never have*wink* LOL!!!! I'm weird, but I actually enjoy collecting wood, splitting and stacking it*smile*
    PS. Still, love your flag and it looks fantastic on your house!

  7. 'a woman with a chainsaw is not to be argued with"


    They say "three times warmed" - once when you cut it, twice when you stack it, thrice when you burn it...

    and yes, I do happen to own my own splitting maul, so more power to you "goodwife!"


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