Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some Excitement......Two Weeks Ago

When I went down to ride a coupla weeks ago (before the lost dogs incident), Champ was nuttier than squirrel turds and I was wondering how things were going to go.  I knew we had to really focus or it was going to be bad, so we worked on suppleness, and just walking calmly.  He spooked several times and I was wondering if it was just the wind and the weather change that was coming in.  He REALLY didn't want to go down in the back, and that was a bit unusual.  We hadn't had any issues like that in quite some time.  I noticed that my Ellie girl was the only dog I could find.  Champ and I went down the other side of the creek and I saw Ginger (boxer) and I started hollering for Annie (Lab/Bluetick Coonhound mix).  As soon as I hollered Champ spooked again, and then I saw Annie.  She had was all the way in this hole....
and she was barking. She was so far in the hole that her barks sounded like she was way down in the back of our property. I think the barks were echoing in the ground or something and that's what was spooking Champ.

I rode back up to the barn, unbridled, and tied Champ and headed down there to where the dogs were, where I found this.....
Ginger got in the hole so far that all you could see was her tail......Annie was frantically digging at the top of the hole, covering Ginger with dirt and Ellie was just looking at me wanting to know what I wanted her to do!  Ginger would NOT get out of that hole and Annie wouldn't leave it either.  They were barking and whining and I was getting worried that it might be a 'coon in there.  'Coons can really tear a dog up and I was concerned for my dogs faces!

I was headed to the neighbor's to get Sweet Teenage Neighbor to help me out when Ginger came to me.  I got her and Ellie locked up at the house so then had only Annie to deal with.  She was pretty tired by this point and was out of the hole.  That allowed me to get in there and see what they had cornered......

In case you can't tell it's a possum......

Before you get all jacked up thinkin' he's cute........possums carry EPM which is a killer of horses.  I don't want any possums here although they are pretty much everywhere around here.  I was just relieved it wasn't a skunk or a 'coon!

Where was Champ this whole time?

Patiently standing at the barn waiting to be unsaddled!

  God Bless.........


  1. Wow ... pretty exciting day. When I rode a lot (a few years ago) I learned to listen to the reaction of my horse while we rode in the woods. They're pretty perceptive about what's going on.

    It sure sounds like your dogs had an adventure that they'll dream about for a while. :D

  2. WoW... Cute Adventure! I dont think possums are cute at all... they are down right U-G-L-Y! I dont want any here either! Good for you it wasnt a skunk or coon! Good Dogs and Good Champ :)

  3. Opossums are gross! I won't think they are cute. And I love the horse was just standing there patiently!

  4. What a great phtot. I think it is really cute :) Can't believe you were able to get such a good shot.

  5. Interesting - Champ knew something was up! Don't those dogs just test you when they get their nose on something----

  6. Good boy Champ!!!

    However, Im sure you were very grateful that that wasnt the day that the church ladies auxiliary stopped by for donations...

    "standing there at the door with a possum dangling by the tail in your hand, gun in another..."


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