Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Day with Darlin' Deb........and Our Little Project.....

Today Darlin' Deb came over to help me with this little project.  Remember when I said I was going to make a flag outta one of the old barn doors?  Well Darlin' Deb showed up this afternoon and said she was ready to help me get 'er done! 

This is what we started with

Here we have it taped off with one board painted....That's Darlin' Deb in the corner there..

The flag with red white and blue....

Drawing the stars on....

Darlin' Deb painting the stars on....

And the finished product!  Isn't it lovely?  AND, it's 100% made in the good ole USA!

I still have the really big one to make up for the barn, and have to get The Man to hang this one on the house, but I think we did a great job!  And, yes, I did actually help a little bit but Deb did most of the work!  LOL!

God Bless........


  1. Heck yea, it's a great job! And how did she make such good stars? Well, I have no drawing abilities so her painting good stars is amazing to me!

  2. That's NICE! Where you going to hang it?
    Gives me some ideas of what to do with some old barnwood I've been salvaging.
    Thanks for the gift idea.

  3. Love It! Love thats its made in the USA :)

  4. I love it, too. I'm anxious to see a picture of where The Paintiff hangs it.

  5. Idk why I keep missing posts..its not just yours either...DARNIT. Anyhoo, I love this. My kinda stuff. ; )


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