Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What The Heck is She Talkin' Bout??

I've never done a giveaway but this morning I was inspired to do so!

To enter, tell me what you think (or know) these phrases mean in my neck of the woods.  I'll pick the winner by random, but I'm very interested to hear what you think.  If you'd like tell your friends about it so we can see what they think!  I'll pick the winner next Wednesday, September 22.  If you win, you'll get two of my homemade dish rags.  Not much, but fun at any rate!

So, on to the contest...............

  1. If I were to say "My kid has granny beads"..........what do I mean?
  2. If I were to tell you "My husband is goin' hoggin' on Saturday"......what's he up to?
  3. When my daughter was little I used to tell her to "skin a cat" quite a lot, what was I telling her to do?
  4. If I go to my favorite place on a Friday night and tell 'em "I'll have a horseshoe" what am I asking for?
  5. If I say "The Paintiff and I were cuttin cookies all weekend" what were we doing?
Leave me a comment with your answers to each question and let the fun begin!


  1. WOW! I've never heard one of those saying before, so mine will be guesses for sure.
    1.Treasures of the Grandparents?
    2.Riding a Harley motorcyle?
    3.Find somethign to do, get lost?
    4. a mixed drink?
    5. fluffing?( PC term for Flatulance, LOL!)

    Okay let me know how I did :o)

  2. Girl, I thought I was country! :o) Let's see...this is hard!

    1. Grandparents wrapped around her finger?
    2. Goin' hog huntin'?
    3. To play outside?
    4. You playin' horseshoes somewhere?
    5. I like Kelle's answer up there! Rootie Tootie!

    Okay, I know I'm totally off!

  3. 1. Black marks on one's skin from workin' or playin' in the dirt and being wet (sweaty, usually)are granny beads.

    2. I will assume it is not the vulgar activity of that name so, he's either riding a Harley or going to a buffet.

    3. There is a "gymnastic" move called "Skin a cat" so that might be the case here.

    4. A Horseshoe, in foodie parlance is: Two thick-cut slices of bread, a thick slice of ham, shaped like a horseshoe, to it a Welsh rarebit cheese sauce made of white sharp cheddar, and then just before serving, fresh-made French fries were added as the (nails) in the horseshoe. The secret to this sandwich is the delicious cheese sauce.

    5. Two possibilities for cuttin' cookies... one is a kitchen activity, the other involve offroading, usually in snow, can be in sand or maybe mud.

  4. 1. Dirty ring around the neck area
    2. Hog huntin'
    3. move outta the way
    4. I would have to say a drink...but MsDarkster's answer sounds very
    5. Idk...cuttin boards for a project..Lol

    This was quite fun by the way.

  5. 1. Necklace with big old plastic beads.
    2. Harley riding.
    3. Put an egg in your shoe and beat it.
    4. A drink
    5. Baking, I really have no idea.

  6. Woohoo, now this is a giveaway for an Ozark farm chick if I ever saw it.

    1. When a granny worked in the garden she wore a hankie tied 'round her neck to soak up the beads of sweat. This was called a granny bead but later on when kiddos played out in the dirt and hot summer sun they developed a dirt ring around their neck...this to is called a 'granny bead'. Now can ya'll say Ewwwwwwww!

    2. Thank you Granny Walden, she used many old hill terms. It's kinda like cruisin' was in my day only ya win if ya can hook-up with a large (fat) chick. It's a man competition thing.

    3. Daddy and mama used to say this when they'd pull off my shirt to get ready for bed. They'd grab the bottom of my shirt and say.....'skin the cat'! :o) Hey, I can't help it....I'm old!

    4.Golly gee, this must be my lucky day! Thank you college cookin' class. It's a sandwich. The yummy thing is served on and anvil(sizzlin' plate) ya put ham (or other meat) in the shape of a horseshoe on thick slices of bread then add some yummy cheese sauce (a mix of cheeses) and ya top it off with a bunch of nails. Now don't get your panties in a bunch, the nails are french fries! :o)

    5. Well it's not what I did to my sugar cookies with pink icing yesterday, Heeehehehe!
    It was back in 1972 when Hubby picked me up from the Sorority house to go 'cut cookies' after one of our Missouri ice storms. I'm gullible and had no clue. He takes the Dodge Charger out to an empty icy parkin' lot and started spinnin' his wheels and cuttin' donuts and scared the bejeebers our of me! I just knew he was gonna wrap us around one of the lights post on the lot. I learned that night another meaning for 'cuttin' cookies'!!! Dang, if I didn't marry him anyway.

  7. These phrases are so fun but I really have no idea, so here are my quesses.
    1. Sweat beads on their brow from working or playing hard.
    2. Riding a Harley Davidson
    3. Go do something!
    4. Steak
    5. Working in the kitchen baking.
    Thanks for my friday fun!!!

  8. I think hoggin is reaching into water and grabbing fish out of their holes where they are hiding. ?????????

  9. I was going to call you back and found I cannot get to the e-mail you sent with your number. I loved catching up. Please re-send your contact info.

  10. Awwww man this is gonna be fun, lol. I have no idea about most of them but I'm gonna give it my best shot...

    1. Some kind of necklace?
    2.Riding is Motorcycle
    3. Go find something to do, go play.
    4. Crab?
    5. Hanging out together?

    Cute Contest.


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