Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Good Weekend.........In Which Black Betty Pulls a Stump, The Youngun Does the Dishes, and I Get a New Hat!

God blessed us with another gorgeous weekend. Temps in the 60's during the day and Saturday was full of blue skies and sunshine! Sunday was overcast and even a bit drizzly, but we still managed to get some stuff finished up that we ran out of daylight on, on Saturday.

The Man and I got started tearing out old fence on Saturday mornin'.  It was an embarrasment of a fence and we were very glad to see it go.  We can't put up the permanant fence until after the pond is dug, so the order of the day was hotwire.  I do so love hot wire!

This hot wire fence was in a totally different area from our old one so we had to pull the 8ft ground rod out and move it.  Luckily the ground was soft and we were able to finally get it out!

Here I am wrapping up the barb wire from the old fence.  I really hate that stuff!

And here we are stringing the new hot wire.  It's got wire along the bottom, then hot rope, then wire, then rope.  That will keep our dogs in and any other dogs out!  The neighbor's cat that likes to use our yard for a litterbox has already gotten shocked.......hehehehe..

Black Betty pulled out this ole hedge stump from the fence line.  Hedge trees are tough and very very hard to get out, but it was no match for Black Betty!  I wanted to put Black Betty's song on this video but I couldn't figure out how!  We also pulled out an old apple tree and a willow tree.  Black Betty got a workout!

The Youngun likes to roll down the hill and this is a picture of her landing.

After a hard day of playing, The Youngun decided to go in and draw for awhile. So The Man and I finished up till we ran outta daylight. When we came in The Youngun was clean and scrubbed AND, she had done my dishes! She said, Mama I did the dishes for you! Boy was I suprised and pleased. Then she said she did them without soap.........LOL! She wasn't sure if the dish soap was the dish soap so she figured she'd just not use any rather than mess up the dishes. I was still pleased and showed her what soap to use if she wanted to do them some other time. Such a good girl I've got!

Then we had to run to Rural King to get some more fencing supplies and I found this hat!

You can't see it in the picture, but it says Horses.  Better than boys.  Farm Girl
I love it!

So all in all we had a great weekend.  Sunday afternoon The Man spent some time on Black Betty, changin' her oil, addin' in some no smoke, and cleanin' her out.  She deserved it!  The Youngun played and I finished up the day with a nice schooling ride on Champ.  Always a great way to end the day!

Hope your weekend was a good 'un as well!

God Bless..........



  1. What a lovely weekend you had indeed! And what a wonderful daughter to do all the dishes for you! Beautiful land, beautiful people and your Therapist(what eyes!)! Could life get any better?
    God bless!
    Going to Follow along your blog right now!

  2. Sounds like a very productive weekend. I like those. We need to replace some fence as of these days though ; )
    Glad ur black betty could get the stump out for ya'll. Looked like fun.
    I wanna say THANK YOU I got my rags in the mail yesterday..I love em. So very sweet of you. Also love the lil magnet. Its on my fridge now ; )
    Cant wait to post about it. True friendship is seen not thru the eyes, but thru the heart <3
    So very true, isnt it.

  3. to Ann, Thanks so much for becoming a follower and leaving me a comment! :)

    to Trish, I'm glad you like the dish rags and magnet, I fell in love with that saying when I saw it!

  4. Love the hat. Every girl should have one of those. I rolled enough of it horrible stuff up by hand to have learned that I hate barbwire too.

  5. Fence work, that is always hard work but the weather looked perfect for outdoor chores. Love the hat too!

    Youngun is so good! Funny she didn't want to mess them up so she didn't use the soap. She gets an A for effort, that's for sure!


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