Monday, September 13, 2010

The Midlife Crisis Report...........

We took the house off the market today.  As I mentioned it's been on the market for a couple months now and we've only had one couple look at it.  That is telling us that God doesn't intend for us to move right now, and that's ok.  Sometimes in the struggle to understand God's Will, we get it wrong.  Luckily for us, when we get it wrong, God usually steps in and does everything He can to prevent us from taking the wrong path.  That said, we sometimes STILL manage to side step Him and go our own way. 

We'd like to sell our place to be out from under the huge monthly payment......that's about the only reason.  Since we've downsized our animal situation, the stress level is much much lower and we have a lovely place that we are proud of.  God has provided The Man with a wonderful job that allows us to make our monthly payments without any trouble and that is another of His wonderful blessings!  If we did sell our place and rent for awhile, we would have to get rid of 3 of our dogs, and my horse.  I've had Champ for 10 years, and I didn't relish the idea of re-homing him.  I love that old man, even though I don't really do anything with him much anymore.  He is 22 years old and I made a commitment to him that I'd keep him forever.  Going back on that commitment was a source of serious agony for me.  I also was very saddened at the prospect of being without my Ellie-girl.  Gosh how much peace that big yalla dog brings me! 

Anyway, we currently have Champ (horse), Willow (barn cat), Ellie, Ginger, Annie, and Brandy (dogs) and Tulip and Star, (goat girls, not pictured)

That is pretty good, and I enjoy having that many animals.  I do miss having my own eggs, and I truly did enjoy milking.  Since we are staying here, I could bring chickens back and get my girls bred, but here's where the internal struggle part comes in. 

As some of you know, we are a family of 3 and one of us is on Weight Watchers.  The Man leaves for work VERY early in the morning and he doesn't eat breakfast except for on the weekends.  The Youngun is a cereal or oatmeal kinda gal and when I'm being good on WW I eat steel cut oats or bran flakes.  (When I'm being bad I eat everything that doesn't eat me!).  I don't bake much at all anymore because, again, The Man isn't a sweet eatin' type of guy (other than ice cream) and I certainly don't need to eat it, and The Youngun isn't really into it much either.  That said when I sold my chickens back at the end of June, I had 3 dozen eggs in my fridge.  I didn't have to buy eggs until we got back from Florida LAST WEEK!  That means that 3 dozen eggs lasted me 9 weeks.  Now I ask you, what kind of sense did it make for me to have 40 chickens runnin' round??  It didn't make any sense at all.  I had them because they brought me joy, but then after 20 some odd years of having chickens, at home and after we got married, they weren't bringing me joy anymore.  I had a few egg customers that I'd sell to, and they were sorry to hear I was getting out of the business, but I haven't really missed the chickens a bit, until I had to go buy eggs.  I bought 2 dozen eggs on Saturday after we got home and I know they'll last me at least a month or more. 

On to the goats......same problem.  I really enjoy milking, it's soothing and I love the product.  But again, family of three......I got a minimum of 2 qts a day and that was only milking once a day.  That means in two days, I had a gallon of milk in the fridge.  In a week I had close to 4 gallons of milk.  A gallon of milk lasts us a week, sometimes more, depending.  I would feel simply frantic thinking of the waste and what in the world was I going to do with it all.  There are lots of ways you can look at it, but I would just feel this crushing panic when I had 6 gallon of milk and 16 dozen eggs in my fridge. 

So........God has decided we'll stay, and that's a very good thing.  Will I add chickens back into the mix this spring?  I've yet to decide, but one thing's for sure..........I won't be having 40 hens again in this lifetime!  If I do bring them back, I'll get around 4-6 laying hens and maybe some Silkies, just cuz I like 'em.  As for milking, I probably won't go back to it.  I truly love milking and if I could go out and milk when I needed the milk (much like turning on a faucet) then I'd do it, but it just doesn't work that way!  I just can't handle the waste of the milk. 

I'll plant garden in the spring, only on a much smaller scale.  We've got a list of projects to do around the place, but things are a bit different now.  Instead of tackling them like we have to do them, we are going to do the ones that will bring us the most joy at a pace that allows us to actually enjoy the beautiful home that God has provided for us. 

God Bless......


  1. Thanks for the update...I think you should do whatever feels right to you...Glad to hear the downsize has relieved some stress...Hope you get you a few chickens for you some fresh eggs though...I also sell mine. We eat the silky eggs and sell the're right, your house is beautiful girl...I'm still green with envy towards them hardwood floors...still waiting on mine***sigh***
    But I know all in due time I will get them...just like other things I wanna upgrade around here...To me, the way I look at things is if I have everything I want and everything is perfect, then I have nothing to look forward dream, no desires..Idk I'm kinda simple I guess...some ppl might even call me odd ; )
    I was wantin a milk goat or cow...but now that you break it down on how much milk..I dunno now. I wouldnt know what to do with it all and I'm against any waste as well...
    Okay girl I'm ramblin' now...stop me!

  2. Now that sounds like a plan. My parents have chickens and they always have eggs coming out their ears! I hate chickens with a passion (sorry) so we will NEVER have any. I'm happy with buying my eggs!

    Enjoy that beautiful place y'all were blessed with!

  3. Good for you. Downsizing your animal herd sounds like a good thing, and you have been greatly relieved of stress and work. 4-6 chickens doesn't sound too bad, 40 way too much.

    Since you really like your home and land, and you can afford your payments, then enjoy what you have. Things could be so much worse.

    We sometimes think of moving from this hectic area, but we've lived here 37 years and it is now paid for. It's a tiny cottage that most people would not want to live in but we've made it work for us by doing some remodeling. We built some outbuildings too and that helps. If we are meant to move, then something would have to happen to point us in that direction. For now, we will keep on enjoying our little haven and keep working on it and be thankful.



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