Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What the Heck is She Talkin' Bout.......Answers!

This was so very much fun and I hope that some of you all will come up with some questions like this.  I'm sure ever'body has phrases that are used in their neck of the woods that wouldn't make a bit of sense to out of towners!  I wish I'd a been thinkin' cuz this past weekend I coulda gotten pictures of granny beads, cuttin' cookies, and a horseshoe for ya'll!

To pick the winner we put all the names in a bowl and The Youngun picked one out...............and.......
...and..........the winner is.........Kelle! Check out Kelle's blog The Never Done Farm They are a busy bunch of folks over there!

The original questions will be in black, with the answers in red.
  • If I were to say "My kid has granny beads"..........what do I mean?
Having granny beads is when you get that little line of grime around your neck.  Most often see during the summer months on grubby toddlers and little kids, but can also be seen round the neck of a big sweaty man who's workin' 'round the farm!
  • If I were to tell you "My husband is goin' hoggin' on Saturday"......what's he up to?
Goin' hoggin' is going hand fishing in a creek.  You walk down the creek and when you come to a big, deep, dark hole, maybe with a submerged log, you carefully reach your hand down in the water, trying to find and haul out a nice big catfish!  Not for the faint of heart, reaching down into dark water and pulling out a huge cat!  The Man once told a co-worker he was "goin' hoggin'" and the coworker was very excited and couldn't believe he was going.  The Man asked him what he thought he meant and the coworker said "You're going crusin' for fat chicks, right?"  Gracious me, some people!  I told The Man he shoulda told Jeff he already had a fat chick at home and didn't need to cruise for one!  HA! 

  • When my daughter was little I used to tell her to "skin a cat" quite a lot, what was I telling her to do?
"Skin a cat" means I'm telling my daughter to raise her arms above her head so I can whisk her shirt off prior to gettin' in the tub or gettin' ready for bed!
  • If I go to my favorite place on a Friday night and tell 'em "I'll have a horseshoe" what am I asking for?
A "horseshoe" is a delight for your palate.  It's made like this.......take two slices of bread and lay them on a plate, overlapping each other.  Then put a 2 hot hamburger patties on top, then top that with a big heaping pile of hot salty fries, and pour warm yellow cheese sauce over the whole mess.  It takes a whole lotta man to eat a horseshoe, so you can also get a "ponyshoe" which is the same only once slice of bread and one hamburger patty.  You can also get a ham horseshoe, or in some places a chicken strip horseshoe, but the hamburger horseshoe remains the classic 'round here.  The Man has a ponyshoe at our favorite little restaurant, the Sunset, at least once a month.  At home I like to make a "dirty horseshoe" which is all the same except with chili poured over the fries before adding the cheese!  Yuuuumy, but not so very WW'ers friendly! ;)
  • If I say "The Man and I were cuttin cookies all weekend" what were we doing?
"Cuttin' cookies" is often called "doing donuts" in other areas of the country.  It means getting in your car or truck and spinning it 360* and it's fun, fun, fun!  Easiest to do on ice, snow, or mud in a pinch it can be done on wet grass.  However if you've got a posi rear end in your hot rod or truck, you can do it on dry pavement!

So there you have it!  I loved all of your guesses and comments and if you got all or some of them right, then congrats for bein' as much of a Hillbilly as we are! 

Although nobody got them all right, I would like to send special congratulations to Nezzy, who is the only one who got #3 "skin a cat" and to deb, who is the only one who got #2 "goin' hoggin'"

Congrats Kelle! 

God Bless.........


    1. Oh My... I got them all wrong, lol! Those are too funny. There is no way I would go hoggin I'd be so scared! Now I want a horseshoe, yummy. Great Game...

    2. Thats funny..I was for sure I did pretty good, but boy I was Way off...What ya'll call hoggin is called noodleing down here...thats funny. I'm definatley gonna make up one of these for a fun..ttyl

    3. Congrats to the winner! I thought I knew #1 but I put something else. I would have gotten it right. Other than that, not a clue!

      goin' hoggin'....that coworker's definition was quite interesting!


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