Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Florida Memories........2010!

My old camera died a while back so when we got ready to go to Florida last month, I decided I had to have a new one.  These pictures are from our vacation to Navarre Beach. 

If you didn't enter my contest, please feel free to do so.  I'll be picking and posting the winner tomorrow. 

A rainbow that was just lovely.  That is the Navarre Beach pier.

I loved watching the surfers!

This little guy was in the bottom of our pool!  The Youngun spotted him from our 5th floor balcony so we went down and fished him out so we could carry him down to the beach and let him go.
This guy just cracked us up! 
The Man and The Youngun walking a short pier at Navarre Park.  Looking across at those condos, ours is the third one from the left.  The body of water is the Santa Rosa Sound and we had lots of fun swimming there one day!  You drive across the sound and then you are on Navarre Beach, and you have the Sound to the north of you and the Gulf to the south of you.  Very very beautiful!
A monarch butterfly at the Butterfly House in Navarre Park
Giant Swallowtail butterfly at the Butterfly House.

This was after a day of clouds and rain.  The sun popped through and I just loved how it looked hitting the water.  I wish I was a more talented photographer and could've really captured it!

Well I've got lots more pics, but I'm sure you've seen enough for one blog posting!  Check back in tomorrow for the contest winner!

God Bless.........


  1. Beautiful Vacation Pics. I'm sure you all make lots of wonderful family memories :)

  2. I've never been around a beach much so I just love these pics. It's so relaxing.


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