Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I got Nothin'........

To say for myself that is...........I'm still FAT, but I've lost my sass!

You'd think after my last glowing blog post about getting back on track, that all would be well in Goodwife Land and I'd be down like 725 lbs and look like Jennifer Aniston.......alas such is not the case. I look more like Kathy Najimy in Sister Act and while she's a lovely lady it really isn't what I'm going for at this point. I feel like Bob in the Incredibles (cartoon movie, very cute, you should rent it!) know.....after he quits being a super hero and he's all fat and outta shape?

So I'm creeping back like a whupped dog with my tail between my legs and I think I've even peed a little from the shame.  I'm going to try again because it's all that I can do.  As I've mentioned many many times before, this is what I do.  This is how I roll (and right now I'm rollin' pretty good cause I'm so round!)!  I lose quickly and with ease and then BAM, I fall to pieces and gain it back. 

I'm thankful for all you understanding folk out there in blog land and I won't blame you if you want to yell and shake your head at me.  I'm shaking my head at myself and I'll stand here and take it like a man.  I know it all though and you won't be telling me anything I've not said to myself.  This is the nature of my disease, figuring out how to whip it is my mission. 

Anywho, that's all I've got to say.....I'm back and trying again.  Thanks for listening and being there.  It gives me hope that others deal with the exact same things that I deal with and it gives me Great Hope that you are beating it.  If you can do it, I can do just do it! 

Till next time.........I'm prettydamnthickrightnow, but readytodotheworkgettin'thin!


  1. No yelling at you, but I will share a HUG! I too know what a struggle it is to loose weight once it is gained. Loosing it quickly is NOT good for you and especially if you then gain it back and then some as I have struggles with. So this time around I'm taking it off slowly and praying that in this process I truly learn to keep it off. That being said I have you- yo'ed up and down for a few months now and that is due to my reaction to stress and I simply HAVE to LEARN to turn it over to God, instead of eating my way into weight gain :o(

    I'm right here with you and if you'd like we can form a daily inspirational group/ struggle group.

    HUGS and just do your best today, if you are busy looking back or looking forward you are cross-eyed*wink*

  2. Girl, you crack me up.."even peed a little from the shame." You're so silly. We all go thru this. I finally went back to the gym yesterday. It has been like 4 months!!! I'm feeling it too! I'm still bummed about my leg so I thought I better at least lift some weights. Get my jiggle under control!

    We're here for ya. You know I'm always a click away!


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