Friday, January 7, 2011

What a World We Live In............

As a Libertarian I am all about our Constitutional rights.  I fully support freedom of religion and free speech, and I've often said when I put forth my bid to take over the world, I will run on the platform of I support your right to be a total dumba$$ just like I support my right to TELL you you are a total dumba$$.

Now having said that I gotta tell you how much people like this honk my tail feathers!  What makes me mad isn't what they are saying, I could care less.  They are entitled to their opinion just as I'm entitled to mine.  It's the way they are saying it that sickens me.

On Christmas Eve a young man died from wounds sustained in combat in Afghanistan.  I didn't know this man, but he is from a local community and The Youngun and I drove through this town on our way to buy our monthly staples on Wednesday.  The town was beautiful and I wish I'd had my camera with me.  From the east edge of town where we came in, all the way until you turned to go out of town, the street was lined on both sides with American flags.  Every 8 foot or so there was a flag proudly planted in the ground.  Every business sign had messages of condolence to this young man's family, and messages of thanks for his bravery.  It was beautiful and moving.  The flags led into the cemetery where there was a backhoe digging the final resting place for this young soldier.  The Youngun and I were telling The Man about it when he got home and he mentioned he'd heard there would be protesters there. 

Now I'm fully aware that our Constitution protects the right of free speech and I support that.  However, protesting a funeral is just plain wrong. If you feel that the war is wrong, gays in the military are wrong, or it is just plain old wrong to eat ham and beans without cornbread that is your business and your right, but I'll say it again, protesting a funeral is just horrible.  There is a time and a place for such protests but a funeral ain't it.  What kind of person does this?  Trampling on the right of this man's family to bury him in peace.  Trampling on the right of his very young daughter to say goodbye to her daddy with dignity and honor.  That little girl should not have to see people holding signs saying thank God for dead soldiers at her father's burial. 

picture from St. Louis paper

I am proud to say that hundreds of people from little communities all over our counties turned out to line the way to the cemetery with signs of thanks, condolences and American flags.  I pray that these wonderful folks stand out in the memory of that little girl, instead of the sick and misguided people who chose her daddy's final resting place as the venue for their venom and hate.

God Bless.........................


  1. There is just no understanding of some people and their actions! I actually almost feel sorry for them that they can have such feelings in their hearts...what a terrible way to live..

  2. People can be so ignorant! Thankfully, they'll reap what they sow. They'll get theirs in the end.

    I can't understand how someone can be living in today's society and practice things like protesting at funerals. Cruel and barbaric.

  3. A total lack of respect. How sad.

  4. Something like this happened here in Missouri not to long ago. It was a small town and the people lined the streets. A group petitioned to protest at the funeral. So the town knew about it and did all sorts of things(Nothing mean or illegal to block their protesting. They filled all the parking lots nearby so they had no place to park, They set up right next to their spot witha PA system and when they started their stuff they Cranked up the National Anthem and Amazing Grace. The patriot riders( I think thats what they are called) Escorted the procession and drowned out their protest too. It was amazing to see what people did for the family to allow them to say good bye in relative peace to a Husband and a father. He had two small children and a wife left behind. People protesting at funerals makes me made enough to smack someone!How dare they interrupt someones mourning for a loved one. No matter what they died for! I am all for freedom of speech but these people need a little lesson in Manners! They tried it here last year in my hometown...

  5. I can't stand it when these sick and misguided protest at funerals. It just boggles my mind and really hurts my heart.

    I'm glad to read Tonia's story of people making it hard for the protesters to be seen and heard. I hope for more good people like that!

  6. I can't describe the feeling that I have for these people. Let's just say they aren't very Christian-like. These people are disgusting to say the least. I try VERY hard to be understanding and realize that everyone has their own opinion and usually have good reasons for those opinions. I have a VERY hard time accepting these people.
    Being a military wife, I can only imagine what it would be like to see these people protesting my husband's funeral (god-forbid). I'm lucky to know that our community - our church alone - is full of enough good people that they would do everything in their power to shelter myself and my boys from having to witness that.
    I just hope that if something like that happened, I'd have the strength to walk up to their leader and tell them that I'm proud of my husband for protecting them.

  7. Thats so sad! I fully agree with ya... a funeral is not the place, stupid people.

  8. AMEN!! This church is organized out of Kentucky I think. I was appauled to say the least when I first heard of it..How can they judge when in the Bible it clearly says to love and not judge.. People are starting to stand up and be heard that they will NOT allow this to happen to our wonderful young men and women who are protecting our freedoms.. I cried when I heard they were doing this to our military families.. Lisa

  9. Maybe these people need to remember on some level that that young man died for their rights!Including the right for them to be irreverent, callous,destructive IDIOTS!!! Prayers for the family

  10. Just recently in a town about 30 miles from here we saw that same thing. The odd part was the protesters were a church. They were saying how horrible that soldier was for being over there, etc. So when people got word of what this church was planning to do, they called in forces to come line the streets and block the protesters from the family. From my understanding it was a success and the protesters couldn't be seen by the family. But I agree, that isn't right. My husband (was in the army) said that that soldier died so those people could have their freedom of speech.

  11. I am with you on this one. I sickens me everytime I see them doing that. Thanks for posting this.

  12. This has pissed me off too. I have seen it on the news several times. And it being organized by a church is just appalling. Talk about hypocrites!

  13. I agree with Brenda, it's a total lack of respect as well as ethics. Even though we are granted freedom of speech, that doesn't mean to go off whenever and wherever you like, come on have some common sense and where are their manners. I always think, " How would I feel or take( something said) if it were said to me before I open my mouth" It's that simple, think before you speak. Much like Forrest Gump said, "Stupid is, as Stupid does!"

    My prayer is that the family only saw and remember the supportive signs and flags.

  14. They say Fred Phelps wasnt held enough when he was a baby...:P

    IMO Those who dont know love dont know how to give it, and be very careful when attending ANY church or synagogue or temple - humans are fallible.


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