Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quality Time With The Youngun........

This week I've been a little lazy and not my normal, go-to, productive self.  This tends to happen to me in winter, but I'm happy to say this is the first time this winter and I'm very thankful for that! 

Anywho, The Youngun has never been one to play with Barbies.  She has a few but really never does anything with them, so she doesn't have very many clothes for them.  That said, one day this week she asked me if you could buy clothes for Barbies.  I told her when my sister and I were young, my mom (Granny Bob) made us countless beautiful Barbie clothes.  That prompted an online search for free Barbie clothes patterns and the next day The Youngun, Steve (Steve is my sewing machine for those of you who didn't know), and I got busy!

We used this pattern for our first attempt.
I've got the pieces pinned onto the material.....
Here they are all cut out and ready to start sewin'.......

First Steve and I had to zigzag stitch around each piece.....

This is the bodice with lace straps.........

Evidently I forgot to take pics of the rest of the steps, but here is the finished dress.

Now, I'd like to tell you this was a peaceful day and I was sitting there with Steve and The Youngun, humming peacefully as I sewed.......but we all know the Goodwife can't lie right??

Sewing Barbie clothes shall I say it.........exhausting, maddening......craplousy hard!!  It gave me a whole new appreciation for the dozens of outfits Mom made for us with nary a complaint.  I even called her to thank her for it!  Steve and I quarrelled over it because he didn't like it any better than I did.  However, today we made another dress and it went much better.  I knew what I was doing this time and that makes all the difference!

Yes that is a skull ballgown........who are you to judge us?  LOL!!  By the by, doesn't my baby girl get more lovely every day?

Anywho, The Man has to work this Saturday so my folks are comin' to spend the day with me for my birthday (a day early but that's ok).  Mom is bringing her patterns and we are gonna have a Barbie clothes makin' day!

If you haven't entered my Birthday Giveaway, please feel free to go do so, it's open 'til Saturday at 5 pm.

God Bless.........


  1. Sounds like a fun way to spend your "Birthday" time. My Mom and Grandmother made me hundreds of outfits for my Barbies when I was a kid. My Grandmother knitted skirts, jackets, and hats to match. My Barbie was well dressed! Have fun!

  2. Awww... I love this. Cute barbie clothes! Your such a good momma to do that for your daughter. So Cool. Saturday is gonna be so great... hangin with family makin more barbie clothes :)

  3. My Mamaw didn't sew unless absolutely necessary - same as my mother - but Mamaw had a friend who did and I'd get all kinds of Barbie clothes, including an IU Cheerleader outfit! Granted, my daughter will never be able to play with it b/c The Husband's family are hard-core Purdue fans. . .

  4. That youngun is such the cutie! Your one lucky momma ; )
    Ya'lls barbie clothes came out wonderfully!
    Great job! You rock mom;)

  5. HaPpY BiRtHdAy To YoU..........

  6. Wonderful way to introduce her to sewing. Sure wish I had the skills, other than very basic, to teach Cortney. Our neighbor keeps telling us she'll help us, but now to find the time that Cortney is working, not one but two jobs and our work here on the farm.

    Youngun is becoming a very lovely young woman and of course she looks just like her mom( other than hair color*wink*)

    Blessings for your special day, you'll be in our prayers and praises on Sunday,

  7. Wow, I used to always ask my mom to sew Barbie clothes... she always told me no... so my barbies wore the same clothes I got them in... LOL. Now I'm understanding why. Sounds like you guys had a fantastic day!

  8. You're such an awesome mom! And I LOVE the skull and cross bone dress!!

  9. hey baby! i love your stuff! just totally anon online so i'd hate to be in the running and then say "oh geez sorry." make sense or clear as mud?

  10. I agree you are a great Mom - that would test my patience.... little tiny details. Have a wonderful weekend - Happy Birthday!

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Make it a good one, okay? Because with all that tiny seam sewing, your eyes need a rest!

    However that is one neat barbie dress with skulls! how will she accessorize that? ;P

  12. OK, I'm whining about making clothes for an American Girl doll but next to those teeny tiny skinny, you get the picture, Barbie clothes, mine should be a piece of cake. Guess I should quit my whining and get to work.

    No skulls here but pink leopard spotted fleece for a bathrope. LOL


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