Friday, January 21, 2011

More Projects...........

Tuesday was devoted to my latest project; making a tote and a purse from a recycled sweater.  I found this sweater at Salvation Army for 3 bucks.  It is 100% wool so perfect for felting.  This picture was taken after I felted it down in the washer.  My washer water doesn't get hot enough so I had to boil a giant pot of water on the stove and add it to the washer!  It started out as a size XL and probably would fit a 4 or 5 year old now. 

First I cut it in half right under the arm pits....

And then Steve and I sewed the bottom closed.  Then I sewed in between each button to make sure it stays closed.  I like the buttons on it, but had to be sure if they came undone the tote wouldn't spill it's guts!  Then I laid it aside because I've got to get a zipper for it and figure out handles, so I moved on to this......

This is made from the sleeves of the sweater.  I wish I'd gotten a picture of how I did it, but I'll try to explain.  I took each sleeve and cut it up the bottom seam.  Then I opened it out and cut it off about half way, discarding the top part.  Then I put the two sleeve parts right sides together and sewed around them.  Then I turned it right side out and this is what I've got.  I then cut strips off of the upper parts of the sleeves, folded them in half and sewed them, then sewed them to the bag, getting this.....

Isn't it adorable??  So very cute, and so very easy! 

After getting those two projects from my $3 sweater, I had this left over....

Which The Youngun and I thought would look simply divoon on Mr. Stuffy.  Mr. Stuffy is her best friend in the whole wide world...and I must say he does look quite dashing in his new sweater vest.....

So from one sweater I made all this...........

And had such fun at the same time!  I'm thinking leather for the handles on the big tote?  Whatcha think?  My mom's got tons of scrap leather laying 'round.  Rolled leather handles and a zipper and it will be faboo!

I also made this bread today and it is soooo very good!  I halved the recipe to only make 2 loaves so my bread machine could do the dough work for me ;).

God Bless..................


  1. oh how cute are those!!! You are so creative!

    And I've never had or used a bread machine... think i might be envious :)

  2. Very cute! Nice Work. Something else I need to try one of these days...

  3. Thanks ladies, it was lots of fun! A bread machine is a wonderful thing, at least at my house! ;)

  4. I love recycled sweater projects! Right now I am working on making new stockings for our whole family with felted designs on the front of each one. I figured if I started now, they'd be ready for Santa to fill by next December!

  5. Great idea from a sweater! Very cute. And yes, Mr Stuffy looks dashing.

  6. I have never seen anything quite like that ! I love it !!!!! And the vest for the stuffy is just perfect !! Wonderful project

  7. You're so clever! I have to at least have a pattern or I'm lost. You've also got an eye for fabric because that sweater with the buttons and embroidery looks great as a tote!

  8. Your Coolness Knows no bounds!lol I love it!!

  9. How darn cute! You and Steve are doing awesome. I think it's a match made in Heaven!

  10. Uhmm do you have an etsy account or something? you took a sweater that would def. be passed up - then you made it into something cool is beyond cool!


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