Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Playing with Blogger is Such Fun and Some More Thankfulness.......

Do you like my new layout?  Is it easy to read or hard?  Does it give you a headache?  Are the colors ok? 

I'd love to know how to make my own background, but have yet to figure that out.  I don't have photoshop or anything and don't want to download any of the free programs.  It seems every time I download something I screw up my computer! 
I figured out how to get that white box from 'round my signature so that's exciting.  LOL!

I have to tell you all once again how very thankful I am that God is in control and not me.  If I were in control, we'd be living in a house in town with no critters and nothing to do and we would all be miserable.  I'm so thankful that God knew we just needed to downsize, not give it all up!  I'm so thankful that I still have my Tulip and Star and that with Tommy here we should be back in milk and baby goats within 6 months.  I'm thankful for my snug little chicken house that in a couple months will be home to some new little chickies.  I'm thankful that I was raised by do it yourself'ers and I'm thankful my grandpa was in love with chickens and ducks and Jersey cows.  I'm thankful that The Man has his wonderful job and that we are homeschooling The Youngun.  I'm thankful that we live within an hour and 10 minutes of both of our folks and I'm thankful for my husband who is willing to help my folks out whenever they ask.  I'm thankful that Champ is still standing out there with a whinny every time I go out the back door.  I'm thankful for vacations in Navarre Beach and for the knowledge that even if we don't live there, The Man's job allows us to travel there every year if we want.  I'm thankful for blogging and all the lovely folks I've "met", who live and love and are interested in the same things I am!  I could go on and on and on with my heart full of thankfulness, but I think I'll stop for now.  I'm thankful to be alive and to be a child of God and I'm thankful for the years gone by and for the years to come.  I'm thankful that as long as we keep a tight hold on our Savior,  our lives will be worth living!

God Bless..........................


  1. I was just going to tell you I like the new look of your blog on your Blueberry Crunch Coffee Cake post, lol.

    Lots To Be Thankful For! Woohooooo

  2. Thanks Jennifer! Yes mam, I do have lots to be thankful for and you are one of those "things" LOL! ;)

  3. Well said post. I couldnt agree more!
    And I love your new look here, I need to update mine as well. I would like to figure out how to make a signature too ; )

  4. Hey Trish! Doing a signature is easy. Just go to http://mylivesignature.com/ You can register or not. The first time I didn't register, but this time I did because it will save your signatures if you want to do different colors. It's easy and really self explanatory, but if you need help just give a shout!

  5. My computer must not be pulling in anything b/c I see a white computer screen with very light purple writing that is hard for me to read :( Is that not the design??

  6. The design is very nice, but the dark background with light colored writing is always hard on my eyes. Not to be a part pooper. I have a hard time with that on other blogs as well. Maybe it's just my age, it might not bother others at all.

    You do have a lot to be thankful for and I'm glad you guys decided to downsize the critters and stay put.

    Have a great 2011.


  7. Thanks FlowerLady! I'll have to do some tweaking to make it better. I wonder if I can make the writing a different color, or if it's just better all around to go with a light background?

  8. Very nice new look to the blog, but the white pn dark can be tiring on the eyes , grey seems better than black. But ultimatley its your blog girl! Love the leaves and the wood look

  9. Purple is a royal color ;) and I like!


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