Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Together Again.............Me and Steve.........

It's been a long time since Steve (Steve is my sewing machine) and I have spent any time together.  Night before last I started thinking of something I wanted to make, so yesterday morning Steve came outta the closet and we began!

I'm making a skirt out of a pair of old sweat pants!  The first thing I had to do was cut the inner leg seams all the way round.  (I'm sure you'll notice the stain on the leg, I'm really hard on clothes, big shocker.  This will be a hausfrau skirt, just for here at home!)

Then I had to make a pattern for the insert pieces, which I did out of newspaper.  I cut 10 total pieces from this pattern.

Then Steve and I sewed the panels together, 5 for each piece for a total of two pieces, one for the front inset and one for the back.

Then I sewed the panel inset in and shwaallaa, I've got a really comfy cute skirt!  I'm thinking I should have made it out of three panels instead of 5 so that it lay a little smoother, but I like it lots anyway.  It really looks better than it does in the picture.  It's a really comfy house-skirt!

We got around 4 inches of snow yesterday.  It was a good day for being snugged in the house and working on projects!

God Bless........................


  1. LOL.. i was reading this.. and wondering..Steve? Steve? Now, why is her husband in the closet? and then i thought.. well maybe he was chosing her some of "his" pants she could use.. lol. then i read the label.. "Steve the sewing machine" and just laughed at myself!! Love the skirt tho.. i have actually tried this before, it didnt work for me..but, i didnt put panels in it.. back when i was first learning to sew. lol

  2. You're so funny! I've never heard of a sewing machine named Steve. I like the skirt. I have several pairs of blue jeans in a stack with holes in various places (so I can't really wear them any more) Making skirts out of them would be a cool idea.

  3. Whoops! I forgot to mention Steve was my sewing machine. I fixed that though! ;)

  4. Good idea! never thought of it , but it workes out well

  5. I love how you call your sewing machine Steve. I had a palm tree named George once (ya know, like George of the Jungle?) and we have a mounted deer named Drop Dead Fred (like the movie). He is soon to be joined by The Hub's buck from this year Shank 'em Frank - so called because The Hubs and FIL had to take him down Rambo-style (apparently an arrow in his chest wasn't enough).
    Cute skirt! I'm not much of a skirt wearer so I usually donate our old jeans to our church and they make woven rugs and placemats out of them.

  6. Love your comfy house-shirt! I really need to try to do this one of these days... its just I havent conquered my sewing machine yet. Boy I wish we lived closer you could teach me a few things :)

    Stay Warm... I'm in the kitchen today. Caramel corns done, tryin to not eat a piece here and there, Soups in the crock pot for dinner, gettin ready to make some biscuits up to go with and some to freeze.

  7. Thanks everybody! Jennifer, I had several sewing machines before I broke down and bought a new one. The new ones are much easier because they are easier to work with and are "idiot" friendly. I've often wished I lived closer to my blog friends. I'm cleaning house today, that will keep me warm! ;0)

  8. Hi There! Thanks for visiting my blog. I laughed at you naming your sewing machine. I have named my mannequin, Matilda. She hangs around naked a lot of the time and shocks people when they stop by unexpectedly.
    Glad to meet someone else who hates the phone. Sometimes, I worry that I am just too cynical about everything and therefore ornery about stuff.
    Love the skirt idea. Sewing is one of the best creative outlets. It keeps me sane.
    Keep in touch.

  9. cute skirt!! but I've never heard of this phrase... hausfrau skirt

  10. I love it! I have been given intstruction on how to do that with jeans and even have jeans ready to start.. But have a pain in the booty sewing machine.. I bought it new but it has never sewn right. I didnt do good enough research when buying it and it hasnt held up to the little bit of sewing I have done so far. I am going to be looking at getting one soon though.
    I need some skirts like that! I am hard on clothes too and have Town/Church clothes and Chore clothes...

  11. Very Cute!!!

    We are getting snow here too. I better start on a project soon before I loose my sanity!

  12. Love it, I did this with jeans, but never thought about sweat pants!

    No snow, yet..... but bitter, bitter windchills. It's -35 to -40 with the windchills :o( If the wind would stop it would be above zero and fell quite nice in comparison.


  13. Very creative --- good story on Steve the sewing machine --- Ahh haaa!

  14. Great idea - esp. when you want to get housechores done right away in the morning and arent ready for the jeans just yet!

  15. I knew exactly who you were talking about! I bet it's very comfortable.

  16. Hey Goodwife... I'm attempting to make a house-shirt right now! Pray for me, lol. Its another snow day here in our county and my daughter is makin fun of me for try to make this... then she calls my husband over to look at your picture and they both say we look alot alike and could be sisters :)


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