Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Generic Cigarettes and Diet Food.........

Hmmm, you may be asking yourself what in the hell generic cigarettes and diet food have in common..........well I'm just so glad you asked, cuz I'm gonna' tell you!

This evenin' as I was gettin' ready to go feed my critters I decided to feed myself with a 1 ounce hunk of super sharp cheddar cheese. I love super sharp chedder, the sharper and stinkier the better! I was enjoying every creamy tangy bite as I put on my chorin' clothes and headed out the back door. As I was pouring boiling water over my rabbits frozen dishes, I started to think about my hubs and when he used to smoke. When we got married hubby smoked Marlboro Reds in a Box, thank you very much. Not in a soft pack, not Kings, not 100's and certainly not Lights!! After we had been married for a couple months, the price on Marlboro Reds in a Box, thank you very much, went up to the astronomical price of $2.10 a pack! Oh the horror! (Yes I know they are like 5 bucks a pack now) Hubby told me he was quitting, weren't no way he was gonna' pay that for smokes. And just like that he quit.........that was close to 14 years ago and he's never smoked since. His parents urged him not to quit, just to switch brands. Smoke generics they ever so helpfully told him! He said, and I quote "If I can't afford to smoke Marlboro Reds in a box (thank you very much), then I won't smoke a'tall. And by crappy, he hasn't smoked a'tall!

I feel the same way about diet food. Not about the money part, but if I can't afford the points to eat the real stuff (ie, cheese, milk, whathaveyou) then I ain't a gonna' eat it a'tall! I eat full fat cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, whole milk. If I can't have the "good stuff" then I'll just stay away. I don't want to be able to eat MORE, thereby eating imitation everything. Give me real food or give me death, that's what I say!

Till next time.........I'm unTHICKINandsoTHINNIN! and eating full fat dairy products, and NO low-fat, fat-free, sugar-free, subsitute food!

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