Friday, January 15, 2010


My current favorite song is Beautiful by Eminem. This is truly an inspiring and powerful song. My favorite lines are these

"And I know some shit's so hard to swallow
But I can't just sit back and wallow
In my own sorrow but I know one fact
I'll be one tough act to follow

Nobody asked for life to deal us
With these bullshit hands we're dealt
We gotta take these cards ourselves
And flip 'em, don't expect no help

Now I could've either just sat on my ass
And pissed and moaned
Or take this situation in which I'm placed in
And get up and get my own

And to the rest of the world
God gave you shoes to fit you
So put 'em on and wear 'em
Be yourself man, be proud of who you are
Even if it sounds corny
Don't ever let anyone tell you you ain't beautiful"

I strongly urge anybody (who isn't offended by some adult language) to find this song and really truly listen to it. God did give YOU shoes to fit YOU. They aren't gonna fit anybody else, they were made for you. So put 'em on.......get over whatever has happened to you and put on the shoes that God gave you. Be proud of who you are and where you came from, and as Marshall says........don't EVER let ANYBODY tell you you ain't beautiful!
Till next time........I'm beautifullyunTHICKINandbeautifullyTHINNIN!
Ps... the picture is my daughter at Myrtle Beach a couple years ago.

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