Sunday, January 3, 2010

Squat Rack Baby!

Aren't husbands fabulous? I'm finishing week 4 of Stage 1 in my New Rules of Lifting for Women. I'm already up to enough weight on squats that I can't get it lifted up and over my head to rest on my back. When hubs and I were working out on Friday morning, he had to help me. I told him that I needed some kind of squat rack, or else I would have to wait to lift weights until he got home, and that just ain't gonna work. That got his brain to spinning and so on Sunday we trotted off to Lowe's to buy some 4x4's to build Mama a squat rack.

I'm gonna build ya a squat rack baby! You aren't doubtin' me are ya??

Who me? As if I would ever doubt you?! Just because you HATE building stuff......I'm just sayin is all.
Hubs really truly does HATE carpentry with a passion. It's just lucky that he loves me with even more passion ;)

Here is one side almost done!

One side done........isn't it just terribly faboo? I know you'd never guess it, but we are flyin' by the seat of our pants! No pattern, just a crazy idea in a crazy man's head! LOL

Drilling the holes for the lag bolts..........

Cuttin' off the bolts cause they are way too long..........hope it doesn't scuff up the Coronet!

And then there's the finished product! I'm testin' er out to be sure it's gonna work. Worked like a charm! Pretty soon I'll have thighs of steel and carrying TWO sacks of feed to the barn won't be a problem!
Till next time..............I'm unTHICKINandsoTHINNIN!

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