Thursday, January 14, 2010

Got my sweat on!

So today for the first time in like 2 weeks the temps were out of the single digits or the low teens! Whoo hoo! We are havin' a heat wave here in Illinois! When I went out this morning to do chores the breeze actually felt warm on my face. I can handle the balmy temps of 36 degrees!

I decided that I'd go for a jog after dropping the Youngun off to school. I haven't jogged in two weeks. As some of you know we workout in our shop, which we lovingly call the Hillbilly Hotel. The Hillbilly Hotel isn't heated. I'm sheltered from the wind, but the temp outside is the temp inside. I kept up with my lifting, by just wearing lots of layers and wearing my heavy chorin' gloves to protect my hands from freezin' to the bar! I wasn't jogging though. My poor treadmill could hardly run in temps that cold.

Why is it that nothing, and I do mean NOTHING works my inner thighs like joggin'? It's a fabulous fabulous burn and I love it! I'm always so proud of myself after completing a 30 minute jog. Why you ask? Well because usually the first 10 minutes I want to quit every stinkin' stride! Then I fall into my groove and I'm feeling pretty good for the next 10. Those last 10 I'm usually chanting to myself Don't Quit, Don't Quit, Don't Quit! LOL! I'm pretty sure I was quite a bit faster today than I was the last time I went. I also got a very nice sweat on! I miss sweating, odd as that may sound, but when you are working out, outside and the temperature is 9 degrees, you just can't sweat!

Today I went into town, instead of out of town. What a difference! I got to smell the garbage trucks (which my hubby always says smell like MONEY since that is his profession), car exhaust, the sickly perfumed smell of dryer vents. Ugh! I much prefer the smell of the creek that I cross, the neighbor's cows, and the line of pines that I jog next too!

Well hope you have a fabulous day as well! Till next time.........I'm unTHICKINandsoTHINNIN!

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  1. LOL! Well I'm glad I'm not the only one that hates that first 10 minutes! And the last 10, I'm chanting too. I found that running is one of the best exercises around. I really believe that is what helped me lose all my weight in the past. That and weight training. Best combo you can do in my opinion.


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