Friday, December 11, 2009

Our New Project........

As I stated in my last post we have a new project in the works. I am SO excited about this!!

This is my kitchen

As you can's TINY!!! I hate my kitchen.

There I said it. I like where we live and I like the layout of our land. I mean someday I'd like to be way back in the hills miles away from civilization but until The Man doesn't have to go to work every day, we are very happy right where we are. I love my beautiful barn for my girls, I've got a cozy barn for Luke (my Kinder buck) and a wonderful chicken house. The Man has the garage and his shop. We have beautiful shade and a lovely barnyard and my fruit trees will bear fruit soon. My garden spot is just about perfect, with wonderful drainage, the right amount of sun and fertile black soil! But............I can't stand my kitchen. For a homestead wife there just isn't room to do anything. I constantly have stuff stacked on the floor and canning is a chore because I don't have enough counter space. The Man and I have been wracking our brains to figure out a way to get me a bigger kitchen. We've gone from bulldozing the entire house down (not exactly feasible) to knocking walls out (again, not very cost effective!) to building me a new kitchen where our backporch is now. None of these are going to happen any time soon due to the cost! We were laying in bed last Saturday morning talking about things as we usually do on Saturday mornings. It's really my favorite thing about Saturday's! Anyway, I said something about too bad we couldn't move the icebox and just add a counter in there. The Man said he had been wondering the same thing.

We got up and measured and figured out that moving the fridge would give me THREE more feet of counter!! Not to mention three more feet of cabinets top and bottom. We can move the icebox onto the other wall. It might stick out a bit and look sort of funny until we get used to it, but I've got no problem with that at all if it gains me THREE FEET! of counter space! Sorry for the caps, but I'm so excited about this! We went to Lowe's and looked at the instock cabinets. We were getting prices to know what the cost of all this would be. The base cabinet was going to cost $218. I wrote it down on my little book and we went to look at the instock countertop. I saw a base cabinet sitting at the end of the row. I looked at it and it said it was damaged and the price was reduced to 100$ Whoo hoo! The only damage to it was a hole in the back. Who the heck is going to see a hole in the BACK of a base cabinet?? We bought it right then and had to go home to get the truck to bring it home. That evening after picking the cabinet up we were in bed when the phone rang. It was the guy from Lowes asking us if we picked up the cabinet. I said that yes we did and he proceeded to tell me that they gave us a brand new cabinet instead of the damaged one. We hadn't even looked at it. We just rolled the cart out to the truck and loaded it up! We told him we'd be happy to bring it back and get the damaged one, but he insisted that we not do that, he just wanted to be sure that we got our cabinet so that he could sell the damaged one! So we got a brand new cabinet for over 100 dollars off the price. I feel a little guilty about it, but the gentleman insisted we not bring it back, so I suppose it's a big of good fortune for us. I ordered the faucet at a great price from and now all we have left to get is the top cabinet, the sink, and the countertop. We should be able to do that shortly after Christmas and then I'll have a nice new kitchen.

So in the photos above where the fridge is will be a 36" base cabinet and a 36" top cabinet. I'm getting new counter tops (standard laminate from Lowes) and a new kitchen sink and faucet. That's the other thing. My current kitchen sink is less than 7" deep! Washing canner pans is so very hard! My new sink will be 9.5" deep and this is my new faucet.
It is very tall so between this new faucet and the new deep sink, washing canner pans will be a breeze!!
I'll post updates and photos as we go alone with our project. I just wanted to share my excitement with you all!
Till next time..................GOD BLESS FROM GOODWIFE FARM!

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  1. I so understand about the small kitchen. I face that dilemma too. Mine is just a short hall. Oven, stove top, fridge on one side, sink and counter on the other. Your excitement is warranted!! And what a bargain you got. That's awesome!


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