Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Support System........

No I'm not talking about a good bra, even though that is terribly important! I'm talking about the people who encourage me, inspire me, lift me up, commiserate with me. The ones who just "get it" and the ones who even if they don't "get it" they are still there for me. I've got a good support system. My Lord and Savior, my hubs, my beautiful daughter, my friend Darling Deb, all of my WW's family, and my sister. This is about my sister.

We had Christmas with my folks, my sister and her family, and the three of us this past Sunday. It was very nice. We had a big ole pot of ham and beans, cornbread, and pumpkin pie. Then we opened gifts and after that my sister, my mom, and I played Scrabble and laughed and joked and teased each other and it was so fabulous!

We usually focus most of the gift giving on the two girls, my daughter and my niece, but we do get a little something for the adults. This year my folks got me a new scale! It is a much bigger gift than they normally give us and I was thankful and excited. Mom had asked me what I wanted and I told her I'd like to have that, but it was expensive (30 bucks), but she got it for me and I was very excited for today to get here so I could use it. It measures body fat, bone density, BMI, hydration levels, and of course your weight. This morning I weighed on my old scale first, then on the new one so I could see the difference. The new one weighed me two tenths of a pound lighter, so that's good that it's so close. I took the weight off of the old one this time but next week, I'll just weigh on the new scale and go from there.

I was very surprised when I opened the gift from my sister. I got a little emotional as I read the poem that she wrote just for me. I have this sitting right at my computer so that I can look at it several times a day, and as soon as I get it framed it will hang right next to my computer. My sister is so supportive of me. We are there for each other, and even though we are very very different, none of that matters. I love my sister. I've got her back and she's got mine and we are tackling our demons together, every single day. Some days she's the strong one and I call her for help, and other days I'm the strong one. Some days we are both a free-cockin' mess and on those days we just try to hold each other up! One thing will never ever change.......I love my big sister and she loves me!! This is what the poem says, in case you can't read it.

My Sister

If will power was a yellow orb

You would own the sun

If determination shined bright

You would own the stars

If perseverance was water

You would own the ocean

If triumph was the color blue

You would own the sky

If happiness was the night

You would own the moon

Do you see your wealth?

You own the world

I am so proud of you

Love, Susie

ps.....please don't steal this as my sister wrote this poem just for me! Thanks

Till next time..........I'm unTHICKINandsoTHINNIN!

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