Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Treasures!

So today The Man and I had to go do some Christmas shopping for his family. We are getting together with them on New Year's Day. After we got that bit of fun outta the way we went to my most favoritest place in the whole wide world.........THE ANTIQUE STORE!! Oh such a wonderful, happy, lovely place for a homesteader gal like me. It's my candy store doncha know! Today we went to a new place that we'd never visited before and what a faboo place it was! See I have to tell you a secret............I HATE collectors. I'm so terribly sorry if you ARE a COLLECTOR, but I really don't like you. You are the bane of a homesteaders existence. See the rich people who like to decorate their homes in the "primitive" style have driven the prices of those oh so useful tools up to ridiculously ridiculous heights, thereby making it very hard for little ole gals like me to buy the items that I want to USE. I don't want to hang them on my wall or set them on an old table that will never be covered in flour and homemade noodles, or use them to hold fake berries and twigs. Now don't get me wrong, I've got alot of antiques in my home, but I use every single one of them. Some of them I even have hanging on my kitchen wall, but I take them down and use them all the time, then wash them and hang em back up. So forgive me for this frightening turn down the lane of why I don't like collectors, and lets get back to the point of my post shall we? Ok then.....

This antique store was simply lovely. It was nicely laid out and the prices, oh how I could go on and on about the prices. There was a sign on the door that said, Our Prices are Firm, but They are Fair, and boy howdy were they right! Here are my treasures.....

The brown bowl was $3.25 and it holds about 2 cups or so. I washed it as soon as I got home and had a salad in it for supper. Pretty bowls make food so much more fun to eat, don't you think?

The larger of the two cast iron skillets was $8.95 and it was a real steal! I don't know what cast iron pans go for in your neck of the woods, but they are stupidly high around here. If you know anything about cast iron, a Griswold pan is the best of the best. The smaller one is a Griswold and it was $12.95. Now I could care less about the brand name, but there is a very important reason that a Griswold is the best. They are made different and the way that they are made makes the inside silky smooth. That's what makes a good cast iron pan. If you've ever tried to cook with cast iron and haven't had any luck, get a Griswold, season it well, and you will never ever want to use another type of pan. You can find nice smooth ones that aren't Griswolds, and that's what the larger one I found today was, but they are harder to find. If you look at a Lodge pan, they are ridged inside.....that's why food sticks. You just can't get them seasoned like you can a good silky smooth one. Ok.....I've veered off the blog road again.......sorry!

I was very excited to find that silly ladle. It made me want to rush right home and make a big ole pot of stew and serve it up on some grannyware plates!! It was $4.00 which was probably a little high, but I wanted it........good economics right?

Finally I got that lovely covered glass refrigerator dish. I don't like plastic bowls and the glass food storage bowls that you buy today are very fragile. This is a good dish that will last me a very long time. It was $4.00 as well.

The very bestest part about the things I bought today?? Every single one was made with pride in the good old U S of A.........of course they were made about 50+ years ago, but who's counting?

Till next time.........GOD BLESS FROM GOODWIFE FARM!

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