Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An NSV....post one of probably alot of blog posts this morning!

So it's a balmy 16 degrees here in Illinois. What a fabulous day to run outside! LOL! Got my long john's on, my workout pants on over those, my thermal shirt, sweat shirt, stocking hat, and my gloves and I'm ready to boogie! Did my warmup walk, started running for all I was worth.....Uh oh....something's wrong....I'm feeling a draft....on my bum....GOOD GRIEF, I'M SO FAST I'M RUNNING OUT OF MY DRAWERS!! Yup, I had to slow my speed literally every TEN SECONDS to pull up my pants, or they would've been around my ankles! Such a lovely NSV, and a reminder that when you are on WW's you've got to buy pants that TIE!

Till next time.....I'm very much unTHICKINandsototallyTHINNIN!!

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