Thursday, December 10, 2009

God and His Infinite Wisdom

God is so good! In my overzealous desire to have milk again, I allowed Luke to breed Naomi back in July as soon as she came into heat the first time. That would have given me kids next week and only left me without milk for 2 months. Well Naomi came back into heat in October, letting me know that she wasn't bred after all and I was upset about it. No milk until March!! Ugh! My dear friend Rhonda has been cautioning me every since she got me started with these wonderful Kinder goats, that December and January kids aren't a good idea because it isn't the most hospitable weather for babies to be born. I do have a really nice barn with a heated kid box which makes things nicer, but that only works if you are out there when the little darlings arrive. Well, the temperature this morning is right around 10 degrees! That is c-c-c-cold for a tiny little wet goat to make it's appearance, so once again, even though it annoyed me at the time, God know's what He's doing! Thanks Big Guy!

Now some more about this wonderful woman that I call Rhonda! I first met Rhonda because I was looking to buy some Kinder goats. I was thrilled to discover that somebody bred Kinder's just a few miles north of me. I put in a call, she agreed to part with Tulip and would even breed her for me! Whoo hoo! Our friendship was born. Rhonda is an amazing woman and a fabulous mentor for me. Her latest project is an amazing online course for herb growers titled Herbs in the Garden Please check it out! I have been fortunate enough to be one of her testers and it really is chock full of wonderful information on growing and using herbs, from crafts, to cooking, to medicines! If you want to learn how to really utilize those pretty plants you've got growing around the place then this course is for you!

Things are good here around the homestead. I had a scare with Luke that I was embarrassed to share with you all. He had gotten so thin over the past couple months and so I came in to email Rhonda about him. She thought that perhaps he was wormy so I dewormed him with some herbal wormer. He wasn't gaining any weight and then developed severe diarrhea so I took a sample to the vet. He was FULL of worms and he has coccidiosis! Ugh! So, off to Rural King I went to buy some Ivomec. The vet gave me some sulfa for the coccidiosis and I dewormed him. Now I'll deworm him again in 10 days (Thanks Rhonda!) and keep him on the meds for the required amount of time. He already feels better and is stronger. I dropped the ball on this one. Should've chemically dewormed him right off the bat and then used the herbal to keep him worm free. I don't have worm issues with my girls, I think because they are in a much much bigger area. Lukie lives in a smaller barn during the day, and then gets turned out at night. The girls are out all day, and then get locked in the big barn at night. Anyway, he's on the mend and I'm very thankful.

I spent most of the day yesterday organizing and wrapping Christmas gifts. I'm expecting a few more things in the mail today and then I'm all set and ready to go! I hope you are enjoying getting ready as well!

I also have some exciting news to share, but not yet. I'm so happy about it and can't wait to get started, but it will be a couple months before we can get things underway. I'll blog about it soon!

Till next time..........GOD BLESS FROM GOODWIFE FARM!

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