Monday, February 28, 2011

The Weekend Report...........

The weather was kind of yucky here this weekend, so we took the opportunity to make "The Guilt Trip" over to visit The Man's grandma.  There is a wonderful antique store in the town she lives in, so after our visit, we stopped in and I found these treasures........

I just love old cooking utensils.  I don't like plastic and I don't like made in China, so I try to buy all my kitchen stuff from thrift stores or antique stores. 

On Sunday, my folks came down so I could do their taxes, then we went to town to the farm store.  We needed some insulators to finish Ed Earl and Luanne's pen and we also found this.......

I can't wait to play with this new toy when we plant garden.  We've wanted one for a while now, and since we got our tax refund on Friday, The Man decided to go ahead and get it.  In case you don't know, it's a seeder and it is going to make planting carrots and other teeny tiny seeds much easier and less wasteful.  Necessary??  Prolly not, but we bought it anyway.  ;0)

We also bought two buckets of this...........

Ya know what that means?  That means as soon as the weather allows I'm gonna have some shiny red barns!  Whoo hooo!

The weather is kinda yucky again today, but it's all good.  Today is the last day of February and that means here in Illinois, Spring is just 'round the corner!

God Bless...............


  1. Nice Cool Stuff Ya'll Bought Over The Weekend :) Its been raining like crazy here! The yard is one big soggy muddy mess... ducks are loving it, chickens arent, lol. Chickens look so funny when they get all wet!

  2. I have one of those seeders and have only used it twice since it was given to me. It only has two plates, one for beans and one for corn, no plates for small seeds.

    We HAVE to paint buildings this year, if nothing else gets done that has to. Since you'll be all warmed up, want to come and help*wink*

    Great finds at the antique store, those enamel bowls/ pans are hard to find around here.

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend :o)Thanks for the letter, will work on yours this week.

  3. Hey Jennifer! Our yard drains pretty well, but we got one heck of a storm last night! Hail, super strong winds, it was a doozy! We got plenty of mud and yuck though! And yes, wet chickens are funny and pitiful!

    Hey Kelle! Glad you got the letter! This seeder came with 6 plates and will plant 28 different seeds. Carrots, beets, radishes, corn, leek, spinach, lettuce...hopefully it will work because I have a terrible time with my carrots, beets, and lettuces, getting them way too close together. My Grandpa had one of these when I was little and I remember planting peas with it. Sure, we'll be up there to help ya paint! ;0) I LOVE the enamel pans, I've got a bunch of them and plan to start buying them for The Youngun's hopechest soon.

  4. Amen to the Spring Sista! Tho, I must say that Feb. has gone pretty quickly. For being the month with the least amount of days, it usually drags on the longest.
    When we were cleaning out my Mamaw's garage last summer, I found my G-G-Ma's enamelware roast pot and lid. Haven't used it yet, but I'm hoping to make a nice ham soon. People knew how to make pots and pans back then!

  5. Love the treasures!And the seeder! We have green grass coming up!! YEAH!!

  6. I love those pans!

    I love re-painting in the makes everything seem fresh and new. And if you can't tell....RED is my favorite barn paint!

  7. Hey The Wife, good to hear from you!

    MilkMaid, I know I'm ready! It has actually gone pretty fast and I have done pretty ok this winter, thank The Lord!

    Thanks Tonia, whoo hoo for green grass!

    Thanks Queenacres, I love them too! And hecks yeah, barns have to be red! ;0)

  8. BRING on Spring! I'm so ready! It was kind of yucky here yesterday too until the clouds burned off but it was still on the chilly side. I hear today is supposed to be 60... I hope!

    I like red barns!! (and boy that seems random... LOL)

  9. Oh baby, I hope it means Springs 'acomin' here too!!! I will not be sorry to wave goodbye this year!

    Let us know how your seeder works!

    God bless and have a beautiful day sweetie!!! place!

  10. Thanks Nicole, today is beautiful!

    Hi Nezzy! Thanks for stoppin' by and for lettin' me know 'bout your giveaway!


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