Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Dreamin'........and the Conclusion of Pig Week........

Even though this is what I saw out my bedroom window this morning.........

And my back door.............

I can't stop myself from Spring Dreamin''ll be here soon ya know!

Soon we'll be doin' this.........

And this.............

Soon we'll be seeing this...........

And this................

Soon the girls will be doin' this..........

And then I'll have a mess of these to play with..........

As well as these to play with........

Giving me lots of this to play with........

Soon I'll be heading to the post office to pick up these.........

And then in about 5 months, I'll have these again...........

Ok, ok, that's enough dreamin' of spring!  It can't get here fast enough!  We've got some plans for the upper garden, and if my blueberry bushes are still alive I'm gonna move them.  I may order a cherry tree and a couple apple trees to join the peach trees, but I may wait another year on those.  My chicks will be here the beginning of May, and the gal I'm buying ducks from just sent me an email, the eggs are going in the incubator today!  Star is due to kid mid May and Tulip 3 weeks later!  I'm ready baby! 

I also have to once again praise God in His infinite Wisdom in keeping us here on our place.........what were we thinking to entertain ideas of selling??

K.......on to the conclusion of Pig Week here at Goodwife Farm.  I know I've been singing the praises of the Old Spot hog and I'm still in love with them.  How could you not love this face?

That said........pigs can be dangerous critters.  As my hero Mama Harper said once......."Tell 'em I went to spit and the hogs ate me!"  She said that for a reason, and lets just say if you ever have the need to murder your neighbor, feeding the body to the hogs is a good way to dispose of the evidence! 

Pigs can and do kill people every year, but so do stud horses, rogue goats, rams, dogs, heck even a goose or rooster can mess you up if you aren't careful, just ask me, I know!  My point is, as with all large animals, you must show them respect, as well as let them know at all times you are in charge.  Dominance is the word of the day when dealing with any livestock.  Does that mean bullying or mean-ness?  Of course not, it just means that you, as Head Boss Goat 'round your place must keep everybody else in check and in their place!  Don't send your 5 year old out to feed the hogs (or anybody else with the exception of possibly the chickens, but remember that rogue rooster) 'cuz you're just too darned tired to do it!

On that note, I'll leave you with one last picture of my very happy pig........and say Ah Dew for now!

God Bless...................


  1. Thanks for sharing your Spring thoughts and pictures, made feel feel warm inside and today is a good day for that because our high is -6F. PTL! this Canada clipper is moving on today to tomorrow brings the promise of low to mid 20'sF, a heat wave!LOL!!!
    Glad my lettuce, kale, beets, urnips, etc... in the greenhouse haven't germinated, surely they'd have frozen . Now come on SUNSHINE! I'm hankering for some greens!*wink*

    Blessings for your weekend,

  2. You pick your chicks up at the post office??

  3. OMGoodness, you're making it worse! Love your garden btw, it's so neat and tidy-looking. Half the time you can't tell where mine ends and the woods begins!
    I'm going to miss picking up chicks this year at the post office. I love walking in the door and hearing their little peeps, then seeing ppls funny faces when the post master plops a cheeping box on the desk!

  4. Your Piggies are so cute! Dreamin Spring here too! You have so much to look forward to this year :)

  5. I love your Springtime pictures! You've given good advice about being careful around the farm critters! It is our job to be the Boss and keep things in order. I have a yearling buck that has testing my authority lately. I'm going to have to get firm with him to let him know that I'm not the one he wants to mess with.

    Enjoy the day!

  6. My thoughts have been on Spring lately too. But it's closer here. The ditches are already turning green. Calves on the ground. Temps in the 70s. I love it!!!

  7. I sure hope you're right. I could use some spring.

  8. Thank you for visiting Verde Farm and leaving a comment. I love your blog and your piggy is adorable! You are so right--you must always remember livestock can be dangerous--any kind of livestock. I am dreaming of spring and a garden too. So glad you visited--would love for your to join us next Friday for Farm Friend Friday :)

  9. *peeking through fingers over eyes*

    is pig week over yet??? Incestous, murderous pig week?

    I like happy thoughts, like these pictures of your wonderful garden and plump lil' goats that are coming up for your spring ;)!!!!

  10. Hi everybody! Thanks for commenting!

    Kelle I hope it's warmer there today!

    Nicole, already emailed you about that ;0)

    Ashley, order some chicks woman!

    Jennifer, you are right! We surely are blessed!

    Brenda, you lay the smack down on that buck!!

    The fair, no fair!

    Rising Rainbow...never fear, it's comin' I promise!

    Verde Farm, thanks so much for commenting! I'd love to join in on Farm Friend Friday!

    gowestferalwoman......come on woman, you are s'pose to be tough!! ;0)


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