Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pig Week Continues.......What Does a Happy Pig Look Like?

Watch this video to find out..........

If you are wondering about the panel laying on the ground in this video, it is there to prevent my piggies from rooting in that area.  The creek runs through there, and we laid the panel down and wired it to the fence so they won't excavate in the creek bed right there and get it deep enough to get out.......

Ed Earl is a slave to belly rubs........while he was exploring his new home, he'd come over to one of us once in awhile to get a nice scratch........

Watch this video to see if Ed Earl prefers belly rubs or eating best.......WARNING.........this video depicts the innate viciousness of the Old Spot Hog.....don't say I didn't warn you.....

If you want to raise pigs, get an Old Spot!  ♥

God Bless................


  1. Oooooo I love it!!! They are so stinkin cute runnin all over the place and such a nice place they have to call home! I love that the creek runs through it, I'm sure they are gonna love that. Watchin this makes me wanna go out and give my Porkchop a nice belly scratch... they sure do love em. I think piggys bring so much fun & joy to their owners. Love your videos ♥

  2. Haha, if they keep runnin' like that - those are gonna be some leeeaaann pigs! ;} They're so stinking cute when they run! Looks like they've got plenty of room to roam and dig their new crib!

  3. Thanks ladies! @Jennifer, I KNOW! I just can't get over how much I love that silly pig!

    @Ashley, that's exactly what The Man said.....he said, Hey now! Don't go runnin' all yer fat off! hehe

  4. Ed Earl and Luanne are in HOG HEAVEN! What a nice spot for their pasture, lots of shabe and it looks like a stream or creek too.
    I'm really missing my pigs now! Glad we didn't raise any though, as feed would have killed us. Planting more crops to sustain pigs, cows and poultry this spring and summer.

    Thanks for sharing those videos, we loved them!

  5. Yes, you have happy pigs! I'm sure they're going to love that little creek this summer. I can just imagine them laying in it keeping their bellies cool! Thanks for sharing your piggies!

  6. Our piggies always enjoy a good belly rub too. We had one that if she saw you she would throw herself onto her side and lift her back leg. Then, when you were scratching the "right" spot, that back leg would start going, just like a dogs. I love pigs!

  7. i'm going to have to check this out at home... can't see the video's here at work... darn!

  8. Oh man, this makes me so conflicted. We've decided to raise Large Black Hogs but I've seen Old Spots a few times and they are so sweet and friendly.

    What do you think?

  9. They sure do look happy! --- If you are looking for a little treat our daughter would give her show pigs (to start taming 'em up) a marshmallow --- mmmmm they love it and will be eating out of your hand soon! They certainly are cute!

  10. Thanks ever'body! Thanks GUCG for the marshmallow tip!

    @Stone Cottage Mama.......I don't know, because I don't know anything about Large Blacks. I can't really give a recommendation, but I sure do love my Old Spots. I have breeders of Tamworths, Red Wattles, Large Blacks, and Old Spots within a couple hundred miles of me, but I chose the Old Spots because they sounded like they were the most docile as well as the smallest mature size. I wanted a hog with a smaller litter size (GOS average 8.5 per litter at least from the line we purchased) and very good mothering skills as well as hardiness. I wanted a hog that was going to be really docile and friendly because myself and my daughter are the ones who take care of the animals on our little homestead. I think with heritage hogs everybody has their favorite. I will say, when we went to pick out my birthday pigs, Ed Earl (the boar) chose us. He came over to us and stood there wanting to be scratched the entire time we were looking at hogs. The others would come over to check us out, but he didn't leave, just stood there for us to scratch his shoulders. Like I said, I have no experience with Large Blacks, so can't be of much help there. I'm sure you'll fall in love with whatever breed you get.


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