Thursday, February 17, 2011

Scenes from My Day.........

A big part of today was devoted to making another Barbie outfit...........the hardest one yet!

Then I did this.........

It felt sooooo good to be out in the balmy wind, in my t-shirt!  Of course I was in mud boots and had to set my laundry basket on that little blue stool to keep it outta the mud, but don't rain on my parade!

Next I went to visit these two.......

My formerly clean little piggies were out doin' what piggies do!

Ed Earl and Luanne are currently working with a realtor.  They are ready to upgrade their home site and are quite interested in this little piece of land.....

If all goes well we will be beginning construction this weekend!

Then I stopped by and had a chat with these dear folks.  Tommy was trying to woo me with his lovely beard blowing in the wind.  He knows I'm a total sucker for facial hair on a man, and it's my secret desire for The Man to one day grow a ZZ Top style beard.  For now I just have to enjoy looking at Tommy's..... 

The girls don't much care for hanging out with Tommy, so they came to see me, but as soon as he came over flaunting his beard, they retreated......

You can see Tulip's air of disdain in the set of her ears, as if to say she wouldn't lower herself to commune with a disreputable chap such as he......of course a month and a half ago, when she was in heat she was bleating a different tune, but that's neither here nor there..... 

Star.........well I'm really not sure what she is thinking........ 

Then it was time to head back to the house, so Ellie-girl said goodbye......

And off we went!

I hope it's sunny and warm where you are, if not in actual temps at least in your heart!!

God Bless............


  1. I'm a sucker for the beards too. I'm hoping that my husband will prove his love for me when we're old by growing a gnarly, white mountain man beard bushy enough for small animals to move into! It looks like you had a lovely day!

  2. *jealous*

    It's only mid 30's here....but tomorrow we will be blessed with a taste of spring. :)

  3. Love the pictures!! I also hung clothes on the line and jus trealized I forgot them outside... Lol

  4. Very Cute Post! Barbie dolls outfit is too cute. I hung out laundry the other day also and was so happy about it, I took a pic. for a blog post too, lol You know I love the piggy pics. Its gonna cool down here a bit and we're lookin at rain.

  5. The little pig looks like he's really enjoying his day! Cute!

  6. Hey if you have to wear mud boots to hang up laundry... at least you can be outdoors! :) That's my philosophy anyway :)... It's all good!

  7. Hi Lara Katherine, thanks so much for commenting. I'm glad I'm not the only sucker for a bushy beard! ;0)

    Blondee, I hope you get some warm weather!

    Tonia, I hope you got your clothes! LOL

    Thanks Ruth!!

    Thanks Jennifer, I just love line dryed clothes!

    Thanks Veggie PAK, you should see what the pigs are up to today!

    Hey Nicole, I agree, at least I'm outside!

  8. I'm loving the warmer temps too!!! Love the lil piggies dirty face! too cute! And let me tell ya, that's a pretty snazzy barbie outfit!


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