Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Swine Song...........

 "Member my birthday pigs?  Well.......................lets just say it's porcine love baby!
Click below to watch!


God Bless..............


  1. Cute - I grew up on a piggy farm.... Durocs - the red ones!

  2. Awwwh,makes me miss that we didn't get any this winter*sniff* They are fun and ours always love being scratched. We onlyhad one pig that was mean and yes, he would go out of his way to bite you if he could.
    Enjoy them and thanks for sharing.

  3. LOL!! You're a nut!! Cut little pigs!

  4. That was fun! Your piggies are very sweet.

  5. Thanks everybody for commenting! @Kelle, if they get mean they are goin' in the freezer. I won't have a nasty critter on the place!

    They sure are fun and bring back many happy memories of my Ernie Bob!

    @Growin' Up a Country Girl....I remember that you had Durocs, they are a pretty pig as well!

    Again, thanks for all the comments!

  6. that pig has murder in its eye.. you mark my words!


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