Monday, February 14, 2011

Ozark Mountain Berry Pie..........

I've had this recipe in my recipe box for more than 15 years and this is the first time I'm making it!  I had to use frozen berries from Aldi, cuz I didn't have any "real" ones, but it's still yummy!
Combine 1 c sugar, 1/4 c corn starch, and a dash of salt and a dash of cinnamon.......notice the handle on this pan?  It's one of my favorite pans and I got it from Salvation Army.  The black plastic handle broke off, so Dad made me one out of wood to replace it!

Add in 3 1/2 cups mixed berries.  I used blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.  Stir to coat, then add in 1/2 cup water and 2 TBSP lemon juice.  Cook over medium heat till just the boiling point, and I forgot to get a picture of this step, but it will start to get nice and thick......

I also was talking on the phone with my sister while making this and forgot to get pics of making my pie crust.  All I have to say about pie crust is water........done!

Pour your filling into a 9" pie pan (of course with a crust in in) and then top with some  purty lattice if you want, or a plain crust, and bake it at 350* until filling is bubbly and crust is golden!

Mmmmmmmm, looks good huh?

I'm a busy girl this mornin', rendering lard, making bread and rolls for the freezer and of course baking this pie! 

Hope you've got some warmer temps and some sunshine this gorgeous Monday!

God Bless................


  1. Looks so yummy... You are busy today! I made a Chocolate Puddin Cake for later. Nice & sunny here but we've got a cool wind with it, so I'm hangin inside today. Where we live when the wind blows... IT BLOWS!

  2. That pie looks really really good! I'll bet your house smells interesting with all that cookin goin on.

  3. Wow! Now you got my mouth watering. I will have to write down this recipe and hopefully it doesn't take me as long to try it the first time as it did you.

  4. Thanks!

    @Jennifer, yes I been a busy girlie, but now I'm sitting down to work on my sweater, only 1 1/2 sleeves to go!

    @Brenda, it does smell pretty interesting, but mostly I smell the pork fat I'm rendering......LOL

    @Rising Rainbow, I hope you do try it soon! ;0)

  5. You make a beautiful pie! I haven't done a berry pie in ages - I think I'm overdue :-)

  6. Thanks Lisa, and thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  7. That looks yummy... and how dare you get carried away talking on the phone... what were you thinking... LOL... j/k

  8. OMGoodness that looks awesome! I'm a big fan of berry-desserts and this one is making my mouth water. . . looks like it's lunchtime.


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