Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just Some Pics..........

This guy was waiting for me in the front yard this morning when I got home from my run.  See the holes in the leaves of my hosta from our hail storm of a few weeks ago?

I love, love, love this plant!  It's an ivy geranium and I hope I can find one again next year.


This is another favorite of mine.  It's was labelled Jacob's Ladder when I bought it but after doing some online research I don't think that's what it is.  Whatever it is I adore it.

This is a close up of a flower cluster and an open bloom.  If you click on the pic to make it bigger you may see the tiny sweat bee that is sitting on it.  If you  know or have a guess as to what this is, please leave me a comment. 

Till next time..........God Bless!


  1. Oh girl your flowers are all beautiful..sorry no guess on the last flower, it sure is purty though. Have a great day girly!

  2. Your flowers are beautiful and how nice to be welcomed home by a turtle:)

  3. watch out- thats a snapper!:D

  4. Yup Bethanie, it was a snapper. Not a very big one but a snapper nonetheless. He hung around for most of the morning then left. We've got two of his bigger brothers shell's hanging on the wall in the living room. Luckily for him, he wasn't very big and The Paintiff was working! ;)

  5. Hello to you! I love reading your blog. You do such neat things for and with your hubby & daughter.

    Anyway, I believe your flower is a Spiderwort.
    Look here -
    and on the left, scroll down to "Sort by Common Name" and go to "Spiderwort." There are 8-pictures of your flower there!

    Oh, and I want you to know I think your yard is lovely!

    We have them here in Michigan, too. I'd love to have some in my yard.

  6. Oops, I don't think that link will work. Try going to

    I meant to say I wish I had Spiderwort in my yard. I think it's a perennial, too.

  7. Hi Marge! Thanks for the lovely comments about my flowers! And thanks so very much for letting me know what my plant is! That's exactly it! :)

  8. We have spiderwort too abd didn't know what it was, it was given to us by an friend and she didn't kow what it was either,LOL! We too have chicks, a hen today just hatched 5 and we already have a mama with three doing well. Still no calf and now I'm beginning to worry she isn't even pregnant, but she also has NOT been in heat either. I'm just sick to think about her NOT giving us a calf.*sigh*

    Glad to see you had a post on our favorites list, we so enjoy your blog :o)


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