Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Garden Update and Other Random Stuff....

Romaine, Black Seeded Simpson, Spinach, beets, carrots, green onions....

Left to right.......romaine, beets, carrots, green onions, carrots

Sweet corn, green beans, peppers, and 'maters....see my ole' boy Champ in the background? 

Itty bitty peach tree loaded!

The whole garden.........

Things are good here!  Garden is thriving, hawk is working to keep the pesky blackbirds out of it, weather is warm (ok, humid and HOT, but who's counting).

We had a good three day weekend.  I love spending time with The Man.  We did some wrenchin' on The Dodge, which I love to do.  The Man and I put the motor in on Friday night and then Saturday morning we went to the drag races, but it was just too hot so we came home. Sitting in the blazing sun on acres of ashpalt is a very hot way to spend a day, so we came home and I tilled the garden while The Man weed-whacked and The Youngun played in her pool.   Sunday we had to run to town to get some other parts for The Dodge and The Man bought me a creeper of my own!  I'm very excited about it!  This way when we are both under the car, one of us doesn't have to lay in the floor.  Only problem is I usually run over my pony tail with the creeper wheels!  Ouch!
We are glad that The Dodge is finally up and runnin' again and hopefully for good this time.  I won't go into the details of what was wrong with it, cause I know you all could care less, but hopefully it's all good to go now.  It's going to get dyno-ed this week and then we'll breathe easy about how it's going to do.  If they don't blow it up on the dyno, then we won't blow it up at home!  We did manage to get the cops called on us, we are such hardened criminals.  Darned busybody neighbors!  As Hank Jr says........if ya'd mind yer own bidness then ya won't be mindin' mine! 

Till next time............God Bless!


  1. That is a nice lookin garned!! Love the car, my man is a car guy, he solo races at this time and his 18 year old son just beat him this weekend, so it was fun...

  2. Your garden looks wonderful and the peaches too! We have a peach tree here in Pa, but only had peaches on it one year out of 5, I think our late frosts affect it alot:(

  3. Start over to remove the typo. :P

    Great to see your update. The garden looks terrific! Sound like you had a very productive weekend. :) I didn't realize I was reading the blog of a hardened criminal though. ;)

  4. Thanks everybody! Stacey, this is actually the second time we've had the law called on us! LOL First time was because we were target shooting in the pasture behind the house. City cop came over but we are out of city limits so she couldn't do anything. She was instructed to "detain" us until county got there. They checked our FOID cards and said...well you are legal so have fun! LOL! I guess it's easier to just call the cops on somebody rather than be good neighbors and just come talk to them!

  5. Your garden looks great! My little peach tree has some peaches on it this year too ( for the first time)! I'm excited about the peaches.

    Sounds like your neighbors need to learn about how to be good neighbors! Glad you had a good weekend. - Take care!

  6. Outlaws, huh! LOL! Come to Texas, we hear our neighbor's shootin' all the time. Never thought to call the law! And whenever we shoot, never think of someone calling them on us either.

    Garden is looking great. I have a tomato plant, potted outside the yard. Trying to keep it safe from Diesel. It's lookin' pretty pathetic though. Don't think it's gonna make it.

    Hope your jog went well this morning!

  7. Garden looks great...ours is a lil sad. Oh well we are learning though. 1st time gardeners here...Lol
    I planted an Indian peach tree this year..hopefully peaches next year. Have a great evening : )

  8. Your gardens look florishing! I hope your harvest will be equally as abundant.


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