Saturday, June 5, 2010

Clover Update........

Just wanted to update on Clover and her babies.  The Youngun is in charge of rabbit feeding.  They are her project with her Pop Pop and really the only time I take care of them is whe she is gone.  I did go into see the babies when she said they had been born, to check that they were all fat and sassy, but that's it.  Well she's at Auntie's this weekend so this mornin' I went down to do chores and feed them.  I noticed that the tray under Clover's cage hadn't been dumped for awhile so I pulled it out to dump it.  Low and behold there were 6 baby bunnies laying on that pan!  It was full of hair and leftover hay so they were warm as can be.  I have no clue how they got there but they didn't look any the worse for wear and weren't shriveled up with hunger either.  I quickly got them out of there, put them in the hole with the other 4 babies and Clover promptly hopped in there to feed them.  Hopefully they'll make it without any lasting effects from their adventure. 

Also the broody hen has 5 chicks hatched out so far that I saw.  However she was sitting on 12 eggs and I'm only seeing 4 intact eggs right now, so I'm thinking there are probably 3 more hiding in her feathers that I didn't see.  They are just as cute as can be and lots of fun colors.  I've got two more hens sitting on eggs as well. 

Photo is of my beautiful sage blooming a week or two ago.  I just love sage!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

Till next time..........God Bless!


  1. Glad ya found the babies while they were still doin' okay. Hopefully, they'll thrive back with mamma.

  2. Well, how cute! I used to have bunnies. I turned them loose because I couldn't stand to see them in a cage. Only problem was - one was my sister's! Ha ha! They dug a hole under the barn and I called them and fed them from my hand and petted them every day for a couple of years, until coyotes or something got them. But I'm sure they lived and died a happy life!


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